Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crochet Monster Dating Problems

I'm confused. 
This is Jay.
He's my boyfriend.
Yes! StopitmomhelikesmeandIlikehim!!!!
Well, it's obvious you've thought this through.

Love is like a jelly fish, hard to get a hold of and hard to yank off once it's attached.
Love is like a gooey chocolate chip cookie that makes a huge mess everywhere, but it is just too good to throw away.
Love is like a hot shower with a bad water heater, you never know if it's going to stay hot the whole time you're in there or slowly cool off until you're forced to jump out or freeze.
Love is like a milkshake, the right one will make you happy and keep you coming back for more, the wrong one will give you indigestion or brain freeze.

[I'm sure you can think of some good examples! Post them! I want to see!]
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