Friday, January 23, 2015

Crochet Greeting Recap

Your friend seemed nice.
You're being generous.

Ode to Friends
They show up late,
Forget the plan,
They wear the wrong thing,
They bring a friend .. AGAIN!

They make fools of themselves,
And say the wrong thing,
They hit on your friend,
They say things that sting.

They show up when you're sick,
And mess up the house,
They bring junk food,
Which attracts a mouse.

They watch your TV,
And route NOT for your team,
They drive you crazy,
They make you scream.

They remember your birthday,
And show up unannounced,
Especially when you  need them,
To help clean up the house.

They talk to your mom,
When no one else will,
They eat her gross casserole
They eat their fill.

They laugh at your jokes,
When you know they're not funny.
They watch that movie you like,
Even when they know it'll make their nose all runny.

They are annoying and rude 
And embarrassing and crass,
But in the end, 
They'll be one that jumps in to save your rear end.

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