Thursday, December 24, 2015

Team Breakfast

In the cold morning the elves arrive.
Santa greets each with a cheer and high five.
It's one day 'til Christmas and the busiest thus far,
They'll be packing the sleigh like an overfilled box car.
It'll have presents for little ones, presents for me.
It'll have skis and puppies, and a little stuffed bee.
And way at the top, stacked high to the sky,
Will sit Santa Clause, the happiest guy.
He'll spend the day resting, just sitting around.
He'll need the energy, to get all over town.
And from town to town, and pole to pole,
Which way he goes, I'll never know.
Santa changes it each year,
But always bringing presents, and a whole lot of cheer.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Little Over Prepared

For Suzie, a truck in yellow and red,
For Ben, a bat and a helmet for his head.
For Becky, a dress in the smoothest silk,
For Kelly, some cookies and a glass of milk.
For Zeda, a warrior's bow and arrow,
For Joey, a birdhouse for his pet sparrow.
For CC, a doll pretty in pink,
For Jonah, karaoke so he can lip sync.
For Alli, some paints and paper to draw on,
For Caleb and Kevin, matching sweatshirts to don.
For Nathan, a game for the Xbox this time,
And for Anna, a new doll to hug at bedtime.

Such good little kids deserve all that is nice,
They are the sweetest and one present won't suffice.
Two days to go, I'm running out of time.
So many presents to wrap and the clock's about the chime. 
Off to the store to buy one more,
And below the tree, to litter the floor. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Counting the Days

The first week of Christmas
I washed all the dishes.

The second week of Christmas,
I bought presents at business after business,

On the third week of Christmas,
I said goodbye to fitness,

On the fourth week of Christmas,
I ate something delicious,
And not at all nutritious.
And hung out with my family, the ones who wouldn't miss this.

And on the fifth week of Christmas,
I said thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! to everyone on my wishlist.

A Bit Warm for Winter

I'd say I'm chilly,
But it's actually quite nice.
No snow to speak of
And definitely no ice.

You must be warm,
Under that hot winter sun,
Why don't you come into the shade.
Before you're undone.

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Real Santa Clause

What do you mean I'm not him?
Seriously, not nice friend.
But I'm decked out in red!
Ok fine, I'm not well fed.
But Santa can be skinny!
And mini.
And named Jinny.
I'm mean, come on
What else do I need to don?
Some boots, a sleigh, 
Maybe a few reindeer and a runway.
I'm going to give out gifts!
To all the houses, even those on cliffs.
So I'm him (or her)
Or at least I will be if you concur.
Am I wrong?
After all, who's singing this song?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Day in the Park

Sorry I'm late! You wouldn't believe the traffic over the other hill. Ants everywhere!! You'd think there was pie nearby or something.

A Day in the Park

I'm singing, I'm dancing
I'm almost prancing.
It's a day in the park,
To roam free, play games, and bark.

Good friends, good times,
And it doesn't cost a dime.
Just sun and some air,
And me without a care.

I love this day, I love this week,
I think I've hit my peak.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dreaming of Snow

I flew a million miles,
I traveled near and far,
I came here just to see you,
I came following a star.

But there isn't any snow,
Not a flake or a flurry,
I was hoping to go skiing,
I guess I got here in too much of a hurry.

If I come back tomorrow,
Do you think there'll be snow.
I was hoping to make a snowman,
Now, I just don't know.

I guess I'll stay at least for a few days,
We can talk about the weather 
We can wait for the snow,
Or maybe something a little bit better.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm Checking the List

Do you have it?
Here's the think Santa. Mike lost it.

There is NO LIST

What to do when there is no list.
No names to check, 
No good kids to enlist.
Are we all just good?
Or are we all just bad?
Maybe we'll all get presents!
That would sure make me glad. 
Maybe I'll try to be nice, 
Just in case.
I'd hate to see an angry Santa,
A glower on his face.
Maybe a naughty child stole the list.
I think that naughty child from the list will be dismissed.
So I better be good,
And mind my folks,
In case this missing list thing is just a hoax.

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Crochet Achievement

We made it to the top and didn't flop!
We didn't fall over, we didn't stop. 
We kept going when it was tough,
When the terrain got rough,
We trudged through all that stuff.
Now we're here, let's cheer!

But we've got work today. 
It took all weekend to go all this way.
We didn't get to sing, didn't get to play,
And now we'll be late....we can't stay.

I didn't think about that.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sometimes a Molehill is a Mountain

Get up there, we're going to miss it.
I'm trying!! If I could just. get. my foot...up
Just do it already!
Do you want to try this? Because I'll be happy to step aside.
Just go.

That Molehill

Climbing up rather than down.
Makes me unhappy
Makes me frown.
It's just so steep! And horribly rocky.
Why did I think I could do this?
I was obviously too cocky.
I need to fake an injury,
Lest I begin to cry,
This hill is a monster,
If I fall I might die.
Oh no! Watch out!
There's a mouse screeching angrily 
And looking about.
It might see me and attack,
I better not risk it,
I better turn back.
But look how far I made it!
I was nearly to the top.
See, I knew I could do it,
So I should just stop.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Rafting Good Time

Down the rushing river,
Around the crashing turns,
Down we go,
To where the water churns.

Through the jagged rocks,
Over the rotten leaves,
Among the skittering fishes,
If you please.

Fast as a moth
Flees from a bat,
Down we go,
No time to chat.

The water pushes us forward,
The excitement spurs us on,
The splashes brings us laughter,
Down the waterfall and we're gone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Swimming at Christmas

It's December on the lake,
And the cold I couldn't fake.
The dog was getting cold, 
But man this swimming won't get old.
Because I love to swim!
love to swim, LOVE TO SWIM, love to swim!

It's cold, that's for sure,
But just shiver and go Brrrrrr
Because the lake is where to be,
When Santa comes to see 

Where are you going to be this holiday?
Shivering or Splashing?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Lights Are Up

Wow, this is pretty spectacular
Thanks, that mean a lot.
Sure. I was just going to kick catnip around, but now. Now I might need to get some dead mice.

The Lights Are Up

The lights are up,
The bows are hung,
The cookies are out,
The work is all done.

The tree is chosen,
The tinsel applied,
The presents are wrapped,
The food is all fried.

The pie is baked,
The turkey is roasting,
The stockings are hung,
The chestnuts are toasting.

The mistletoe is hanging,
I've got ice cream chilling,
I need to find the chips,
And the dip for the filling.

The invitations went out,
People are starting to arrive,
It will be a great party,
Or I'll be happy to survive.

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Restful Weekend

"I'm tired!" I said as I lay back in bed.
We'd been up since dawn, I needed feathers to lay on.
My back was a wreck, oh gosh, my neck!!
First the lights needed hanging,
Now my head won't stop banging.
And the tree was so heavy,
Dragging it got me all sweaty.
Then I tripped in that hole,
I think agony was today's goal.
At least tomorrow I have work,
I won't have to watch you go berserk.
Next weekend we can try again,
To create that Christmas zen.

Friday, December 4, 2015

A Long Day

When the work is all done,
And I've come to the end of my run,
I can lay in the sun,
And have a little fun.

I can think about the day,
As I lay,
Watching the clouds drift away,
And think about the things left to say.

Merry Christmas will be one,
When this month is done,
And Happy holidays to some,
Those that come to my house for cinnamon buns.

What a great thing to look forward too.
Making ornaments and eating a cookie or two.
And for dinner, a flavorful beef stew.
I think that's exactly what I'll do.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I'm Telling You A Secret

It's a little something nice,
With a bit spice.
Wrapped in red,
And tied with sparkly thread.
I made it for you,
Because that's what I do.
I make presents for friends,
And you're definitely that, Brin.
Your hilarious and smart,
Great at music and art.
And you're my sister, which means you're the best.
Better than best, better than the rest.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't Hide in the Dark

Once upon a time,
A few bunnies were getting out of line,
They were looking for their friend,
They were running out of time. 

The day was getting dark, 
And on a lark,
They decided to play hide-and-seek at the park.

All were lost in a see of green,
In the fading dusk, none could be seen.

One by one they each found home.
But one was left to roam.

So out I went,
With a flashlight I was sent,
To find the lost bunny so his friends would be content.

I looked high and low
And wouldn't you know?
I found him right away, holding his elbow
And walking slow.

He'd run into a tree,
And hit his knee.
Poor kid, he'd gotten scared and tried to flee.

So I brought him back
And he had a snack,
And now he's ok, he's a luck guy that Jack.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Dressed Up

I don't think those are even.
Yeah well, one of your ears is bigger than the other. Go with the flow.

Collect all the lights,
And put them up just right.
The bows all in there place,
The tables decorated with lace.
Invite all your friends,
To help with the odds and ends.
Like mistletoe and candles
I'm sure that they can handle.
Then bake a lovely pie,
That will make them all gasp "my my."
And then sit in the glow,
And wait for the snow.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of November

How was the party?
It was a hoot.


On the last day of November
I try to remember,
All the fun we had.
And I'm glad.
I'm glad for the laughter,
And the fun we had after.
Glad for the food we ate,
And that you let me lick the plate.
Glad for the sun shining down,
Especially with snow now falling all around.
But especially, I'm glad for the football,
And soccer, and ice skating, and bingo at the town hall.
Because we enjoyed it together,
In good and bad weather.
Happy November friend.
Hopefully December will continue the trend.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015

Bring all your friends together,
With furry tails and feathers.
Bring them to your home,
Don't let them roam.
Today is a day to treasure.

Bring all your pals to the table,
Make sure all the chairs are stable.
There'll be laughter tonight,
And hopefully not a fight.
But I'm sure they'll still throw chairs if they're able.

Bring all the fun to one place,
Laugh and take jabs with grace,
Thanksgiving is a time to be merry,
And eat pies like apple and cherry
So Happy Thanksgiving to you,
And a happy holiday too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Visiting with Old Friends

What are you now? 500?
I'm 26 Guffry.
Oh yeah, I'm thinking of your dad.
My dad's 226.
Ha! Was a bit off there wasn't I?

How Old Are You?

When I was young I was smart.
Quick from the start.
But when your old you're overdone,
And people treat you like you're no fun.
I can laugh, I can cry, 
I watch TV and eat pie
I know Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus,
I don't still write letters on papyrus.
Give an old person a break,
We're pretty fun, It's not all fake. 
And we get discounts at the zoo,
At restaurants too.
So we'll save you money going out.
Seriously, we carry clout.
So bring us along!
Will prove you're having fun all wrong.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Setting the Scene

Did you find all the plate?
Yes, even the gray one grandma hates.
Did you brush off the chairs?
No, no one will be looking so who cares?
Did you fill the fridge with food?
Mmm not yet. I wasn't in the mood.
But it's go time and we're not ready!
Calm down Dad, hold steady.
We still have two days to go
And it'll all get done, trust me, I know.
Oh gosh, oh my,
I'm just glad I only have to do the pie. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

In Preparation for the Holidays

Did you pack your bags?
Dad, I don't think we should run. This IS Turkey day after all. Let's stick it out.
You're not worried? 
No, I have a secret weapon.
What's that?
Atomic gravy. I've been eating chile for weeks.

Thanksgiving is in just a few days,
And this year, I'm getting my way.
I'm getting the stuffing just right,
And my brothers have been warned not to fight.
The turkey is soaking in brine,
And I just got my shipment of wine.
Mom's promised to help cook,
And my center piece has just the right look.
This year I've got it in the bag,
And not to brag,
But I even picked up fancy pie!
Because I can't bake, no lie.
I'm a terrible baker.
And I don't care, I'll be a faker.
They can all BELIEVE I cooked it,
And it'll be a hit.
Because my friend Nancy is the real deal,
All her pies are like a baker's ideal.
So moist and yummy
And just the right amount of crumbly.
Oh man, I really need to go put some in my tummy. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Which House is Your House

I don't see the love, do you?
It's probably invisible or something.

A house has a couple of walls,
Sometimes stands really tall,
And hopefully has high ceilings so you don't have to crawl.

A house has at least one room,
And maybe a window to fight the gloom,
So it doesn't feel like a tomb.
But I shouldn't assume.

A house has lovely people,
And maybe a peephole,
From which you can stair at the townspeople.

A house is hopefully filled with joy,
And maybe some stuff and a toy.
And a kitty who likes to play coy.

A house is a home when you're no longer alone,
Whether it be cat, or dog, or picture of frog on a log,
You feel at peace, serene, like you never want to be mean.
And that's it, that's home.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Once Upon A Book

Ok little ones, gather around
I'm going to tell you a story about lost and found.
First there was a house made out of leaves,
It fell over in the wind and was ransacked by the thieves.
Then there was the house constructed with mud,
Which worked great until the great flood.
One after another, the houses were lost.
And each time, new ideas were tossed.
But not until a great stranger came,
Did they come upon the idea that did just the thing.
A house he proposed, made of wood,
And packed with all the love they could,
Should stand the test of time,
Because not even the misfortune of a nursery rhyme,
Can break what love binds.

That's kind of mushy da.
Maybe, but our house is made of wood and it hasn't fallen over.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Dinner Planning

Recipe planning is the worst,
Wouldn't you rather just go to Earth first?
There they have pie and all kinds of tarts,
There they fill them with cherries and top them with hearts.
On Earth they have Turkey, 
And chewy beef jerkey
And oh there jelly is just so perky.

Why cook this year,
When Earth is so near.
Let's play hookie from cooking,
And call Earth for a booking.

Think of it friend,
So much food to comprehend.
We could eat all week,
Think of the damage we could wreak.
Everyone's pie will be missing a bite,
The turkey, a leg; the meringue, the egg whites.
We'll tip toe in when they're all out of site,
And hang out eating left overs all night. 

What do you think? Are you ready to take a bite?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Family Trip

This time next week we'll be headed to the creek.
Did you pack my bag?
No my love, what should it be composed of?
Clothes for hiking.
Ahh, that is definitely to my liking.
Will we be lava hunting?
That depends on whether it's rocks or beasts you want to be confronting.
Grab my lava proof bag.
The one with stripes or the zig zag?
And my fire proof gloves.
And I'll grab mine my dove.

Two weeks away from all the silliness and dismay that the holidays can display.
Won't it be grand, to hold hands, and be around nature and the land?
Pack my magazines!
No worries, I've packed all kinds of things.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Headed Home

In one week, I'll be headed home.
It's been a while and I'm hesitant to go alone.
I wish you were there with me to hold my hand,
But you needed to go see your mom, I understand.
I hope you have a nice trip and the weather is nice.
Up where my parents live, it's just sheets of ice.
And sometimes snow,
With the weather, you never quite know.
But don't worry about me, I'll be ok,
Just as long as they didn't invite Aunt Jackie.
But if they did, I'm sure it'll be fine.
It's not like she'll burn down last time.
And mom says I can sleep in my old bed,
I just hope it's not in the basement like they said.
But the basement is nice,
No mice.
At least I don't think so, but I'll look twice.
They don't bite do they? If I put out cheese?
Oh gosh, I can't remember, do cats make me sneeze?
Mom has three and a dog named spike,
Mom says he's nice, but it's outsiders he doesn't like.
I should be ok, being family and all,
But if it all goes lopsided, do you want to meet me at the mall?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Another Day of Play

Hey Ben, what are you doing all alone?
I'm not alone, my friend and I were playing softball.
Where's your friend now?
Here! Come say high and stay a while.
Here where?
Ugh, he's here! Can't you see? Right by this ball. I'm mean he's staring right at you.
You mean that fly?
Yes! So you have met before! Wonderful.

Feeling Misunderstood

When I said I saw you there,
I meant I saw you, but I didn't stare.
I was there to see the bear,
The one with the funny feet and red hair.
I'm sure you were there without a care,
And now my seeing you has seemed like a dare.
But honestly I really don't care.
You can go there with Stuart or Clair,
And stare all day at that silly bear.
Just don't be angry at me because I swear.
I didn't really see you there.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Celebrating Thursday

Da, I couldn't be happier.
Why is that Pete?

It's only been two weeks since Halloween,
And I still have more candy than I've ever seen.
I've got sweet ones that are chewy,
Taffy that's quite gooey.
A chocolate or two,
And suckers in red and blue.
I bet it will last for weeks,
Filling me up, stuffing my cheeks.
And then there will be Thanksgiving to celebrate,
And there will be pie with nuts and dates.
The fall is by far my favorite time of year,
Because there's always good food to bring you cheer.

Hear hear.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bunnies in Winter

Brrrr. Mom, it's cold.
It's winter, stop your peeping.
I know the chill is seeping,
But it's for not, winter will keep creeping.
Just cuddle with your brother.

Gah! Mom, brother's sleeping!

The Cold

The wind is blowing,
The clouds are going,
And in the chill, the rivers have stopped flowing.
It's winter time, and the cold has come,
You'll need to wear thermal to go for a run.
And don't forget the sun,
It'll be long gone before the day is done. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Little Hopeful Wishing

Today I make my wish,
A wish for unlimited fish.
And eel to fill my belly,
So delicious and smelly.
A tuna or two,
And cod to make a stew.
Crab would sublime,
But I'd settle for lobster with a pinch of lime.
And don't forget the clams,
Of them I am a fan.
And in December,
Please remember...
To wrap it up nice and tight,
With a bow as dark as midnight.
And leave it under the tree,
With special note just for me.

Should I give you my list then?
Nah, I'm sure I can think of something.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meeting the Competition

Two dogs, one pup,
In a field of green, met up.
There was a challenge today,
And challenge quite real,
A challenge to capture the flag,
That was the deal.

One was ready, pup not so much
He'd been up all night playing and such.
But today he would win,
He knew it to be so.
I mean why wouldn't he win?
The challenger was as old as they go. 

But he didn't win, puppy came last
Puppy overthought it and wan't fast.
A dog has done everything and is quite skilled,
And one thing they do well,
Is run in a field. 

So Dog surpassed pup, not once, but twice.
But with page pup will win,
And won't that be nice.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Time for Holiday

Where's it this year Guffrey? Headed to the Alps?
Galapagos islands, I have a distant cousin there. Haven't seen him since he went flying off with a bunch of finches. 


November is a special time, 
But not for birds.

It might seem absurd,
But turkeys fear being lured,
And Cured,
And put in soup that must be stirred.

No, no. In November, Turkeys take flight,
And try very hard to stay out of sight.
So remember to stomp your feet with all your might,
So the Turkeys can fly off in their fright.
Better to let them run, then worry about them all night.

Some Turkeys go to Spain,
Some to France to frolic in the Seine,
Some to the far reaches of this plain,
Only to go insane,
And return home before the rain.

But none like Thanksgiving day,
It's a time to hide away.
Until the dinner is just an empty tray,
And they are again safe to play.

Maybe this year have some stew,
Or a pasta dish or two.
Just in case they're watching you.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Cool Breeze

Where've you been?
Mom wanted me to finish my eggs before she'd let me out.

Fall Weather

The winds are beginning to blow.
Too early for snow.
But in the woods can be seen maybe a buck, a doe.

Soon the leaves will fall
Winter will call.
Mom waits at the door wearing her shawl.

It will be quiet at night.
A few bats in sight.
We'll sit around the campfire, staring at the light.

Winter is coming.
After Thanksgiving, it'll come running.
I guess no more days out sunning. 

Bundle up my friends.
Summer seems to have come to an end.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Bird with Feathers

I was flying along,
Singing my song.

I was following the wind,
A bird's best friend.

I was enjoying the breeze,
Watching the bees.


I had been enjoying the nice day,
Watching the trees sway.

I had been enjoying the warm air,
With the clouds blocking the sun's glare.

I had been doing a lot of things,
But now my ears ring.


So be mindful next time,
Or I'll cover your car in grime. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Getting a bit Fancy

Marv, what are you wearing?
What this? It's my fancy hat. Only for special occasions.
What what occasion is today?
Eat a doughnut day. I just invented it.
Ooooh, how about Take Yourself to Breakfast Day for tomorrow?

Snacking as an Art-form

Be it chips or a cracker,
I'm a bit of a snacker.

I like to nibble and crunch.
On everything plus lunch.

Be it cookies or pie,
Without my snack I'd just cry.

And dessert, so sublime!
Not snacking should be a crime.

So send me your treats,
Pile them up at my feet.

And I'll snack from Monday to Wednesday
Thursday is friends day.

Then Friday into the weekend,
So go order those gift baskets and click 'send.'

Awww, you're so good to me,
For you, snacks are free.

Monday, November 2, 2015

I've Got it All

I creeped and crawled
And stole from them all.
A little chocolate for me,
Fills me with glee.
So the kids don't get candy,
For me that's just dandy.
I SHOULD get it all,
Because I'm the ruler and this is my haul.
Well....ok I see that your mad,
Oh is this your dad?
Well, they don't really need it do they?
I'm starving, so I should keep it ok.
Well, no. Don't take my candy!
Oh man, this day is as bad as it can be.

[I hope everyone had a great crochet Halloween!!]

Friday, October 30, 2015

What's Cooking?

We were going to make stew,
Kind of a witchy brew.
When we ran out of ingredients
And didn't know what to do.

My friend suggested slugs,
The other suggested bugs.
But it didn't sound too appetizing
To eat things off of the rug.

So I ran out right away,
To the store that day.
I bought canned slugs.
But forgot the bugs to my dismay.

So back I went one more time.
And this time, got all that was mine.
Come on over,
If you want to dine.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween for Ghosts

The children will come from there you see?
First they'll see you, and then they'll see me.
They'll be looking for candy and filled with glee.
And there I'll be looking all mean and scary.
Then you start moaning and floating about
And I'll jump and "Boo!" I'll shout. 
Then off they'll run 
And won't that be fun.
We'll show them yet how this Halloween thing is done.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Three Pumpkins I See

One night I was walking home.
It was dark and I was alone.
I'd been at the library all day,
Studying for a test and practicing for a play.
I was going to be Lancelot,
And I was excited like a candied up tot.
And then I turned the corner to find these guys,
They were talking which was a big surprise.
I listened as I walked by
And the things they said, my my.
One said that Halloween was a myth,
That it was invested by a man named John Smith.
I guess he liked things a little scary,
And he invented Halloween so we could dress like witches and fairies.
Another said Halloween was just a joke,
Invented by a town that was going broke. 
They thought taxing candy would bring them extra dough,
But they didn't plan for all the eggs people would throw.
It cost more to clean up the town,
Which of course made them all frown.
And finally the last pumpkin said Halloween was just for the kids
A way for them to relax and enjoy how it is.
A way for them to spend time with friends,
And try new things and not offend.
I think this is the story I'll use from now on.
I said to myself with a yawn.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scarecrow Don't Know

There's an elf standing alone,
He's being quiet, setting the tone.
It was a spooky day and now a spooky night.
It's early Halloween, and the feeling's just right.
From behind the trees a 'Boo!" can be heard,
And screaming children laughing at the absurd.
There's a man handing out candy to each and all,
And a scary willow tree standing nearby, ominous and tall.
There's a sweat old woman cackling like a witch,
And there are children laughing, hiding in a ditch.
Just a few more days to be merry and play,
A few more days left to celebrate this holiday.

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Weekend Well Spent

I had the best weekend! I went to a festival and ate kettle corn and climbed a rock wall and pet a goat and saw some sheep and bought some Christmas presents. It was amazing.
So why are you late?
I'm soooooooooooooooooo tired.

I woke quite early,
Earlier than you.
And I spent all morning,
Deciding what to do.
I wanted to go out, 
Somewhere pretty and warm.
I wanted to go to a festival,
Which you know, isn't the norm.
I found one or two,
That I thought would be fun.
And then I made us both breakfast,
And went for a run.
We headed out at noon,
Which is right on time.
And we got there a little early.
Plenty of time to get in line.
We waited for the climbing wall,
Waited for the food.
We waited for the pony,
At least I did, you weren't in the mood.
And then sat and watched the music play
And the singer sing a tune.
And we stayed there all day,
Until we could see the moon.
It was delightful and wonderful,
And all those things.
It was just what I needed,
And it made me feel like a king.

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Few New Friends

A bit off to the side sat Clyde. He struggled to fit in but he tried. And the bunnies were nice, always ready to help and give advice. They were talking of Halloween, and outfits made of satin with sheen. They were going as bats, ogres, and dwarves. Clyde was planning on going as smoldering s'mores. It was a fun idea, and the kids all laughed. Clyde was sure good at this Halloween craft. They all agreed to meet in the morn, to check out the outfits they'd all adorn. They were going out together, depending on the weather, to trick or treat, what could be better? Clyde was excited, he had been invited, and again Halloween was saved, and the road to new friendships was paved. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two On The Left

Two of us is better than one.
One of us just can't have as much fun.
Three of us, can play basketball,
But without number four, it's no fun at all.
Five of us would be pretty cool,
But having none of us would be pretty cruel.
And what did we learn from this happy tour?
That all of us is better for sure.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When To Say Boo

Listen, I know it's Halloween and that's "your holiday." But must you go around saying "Boo!!" to everyone you walk by? I mean...the sun's up, it's bright and cheery. We're not scared.

But that's what we do.
Yeah. We do that. We're not asking you to stop eating are we? Because that's essentially what you're asking. 

I guess "Boo"?

There you go.
That's the spirit.

[haha, tell me you caught that.]

When the Ghosts Said Boo
I  was sitting alone,
Watching a show or two.

When behind me crept a specter
And it screamed BOO!

I was so frightened,
It was so out of the blue.

That I fell over onto the floor
And then sneezed, ACHOO!

The specter was not expecting this,
And away he flew.

Frighted was he,
That I could make a loud noise too.

So remember this children,
And keep some pepper with you.

So that when the specter comes,
You'll know just what to do.

Sprinkle the pepper into the air,
And loudly, proudly, sneeze ACHOO.

And scare a specter too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Little Planning

Marcus will take notes,
He's good at capturing my quotes.
And you will be following along,
So you won't get anything wrong.
We need to orchestrate just right,
So Halloween will be a successful night.
There needs to be spookiness and gloom,
But not so much that you clear the room.
There needs to be humor and cheer,
And funny gags people will talk about all year.
Most of all,
We need costumes from the mall.
We'll go tonight
And hopefully get it right.
Something cool and new,
Something super creative too.
A little dash of TV drama,
But not something that will upset mama.
A zombie on the prowl,
But not trying to eat brains just now.
Or a detective busy at work,
Figuring me out, with all of my quirks.
Ok ok, off we go,
We all need costumes so take it slow.
And give each other a hand,
A costume works better if its well planned. 

[Go team zombie! Nothing like a family theme!]

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