Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!!!

With three fine helpers,
And a couple of elves,
Santa is ready to make presents
And put them on shelves.
Run quick to the store
And start shopping like mad
Santa made those presents
And he needs the money real bad.
Mama Claus wants jewelry with diamonds so clear 
And Santa does what he's told, rather than live in fear. 

So happy holidays to you, 
And your mom and your dad,
And your sister Evie and your best friend Thad.

And happy holidays to the banks, 
To whom I give thanks,
For all of the money I wasted, 
On candy canes and toy tanks.

And happy holidays to the post office, 
That mailed that package first class.
And to the policeman who stopped me,
For driving too fast.

And Happy Holidays to my friends and family ... and that guy at work,
You are the best part about Christmas, 
Even when you're a jerk.

So spill the eggnog and knock over the tree,
I'll still hug you at midnight and shout out with glee,
Happy Holidays to ALL and to all a good night, 
We'll be rocking and rolling until Santa sails out of sight.

[Happy Holidays everyone!!! I am signed out until next week so that I can celebrate the Holidays with my family. I hope everyone has a great week filled with family, fun, hopefully snow and lots and great food.]
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