Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crochet Kitties are Not All Alike

There's a kitty over there.
Over there.

There's a bit of black fluff that's stuffed.
Show me a kitty and I'll bow,
But I see nothing that goes meow.

I don't mean to be blunt, but it's right there in front.
You say you can't see it,
I'm thinking you don't mean it. 

A kitty I can spot,
Crazy I am not. 

Just look strain ahead,
You'll see it or I'll not be fed.
Just look dad, look! 
I swear, crazy pills you took.

I see no kitty, but you and me,
No kitty to make it three.
You are making me worried,
If you think this black blog is furried. 

Now I'm seeing the truth,
You aren't seeing the earth.
Your glasses are at home,
I'm surprised you can see well enough to roam.
Trust me on this, I swear,
There is a little black kitty over there. 

I'll take your word on it this time,
But don't think your opinion will soon be mine.
I'm coming back to prove you wrong,
Then you'll be singing a different song.

Yes dad.
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