Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Campout

On a cold winter night
A father gave his kids an awful fright.

They were gleeful to be camping out,
But they misunderstood what it was all about.

Those little green bunnies thought Santa was near, 
But alas, it was too soon to bend his ear.

They had lists prepared! And cookies too.
But it was too soon and they were blue.

"We'll see him soon," their dad said cheerfully,
But the bunnies just stared at their lists tearfully.

Something needed to be done, and he had a thought,
So from inside the house, pen and paper was brought.

And the two little bunnies carefully drew,
Notes to Santa and Mrs. Clause too. 

The camp out was saved and the bunnies had fun,
It was dad's good thinking that made it fun for each son.
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