Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spotting the Owl

I'm a little on the shy side as you can see,
I'm hiding in a crowd so you can't identify me.
I've got brown feathers and pink around the eyes,
I'm as sneaky as they come, almost like a spy.
I'm sneaking off you see, to hide out of town.
I don't want anyone to know, that I'm hanging around.
It's Thanksgiving next week and I don't want to be caught,
I'm not into family gatherings and all that what not.
I just want to relax and watch football with friends,
But if I'm honest, I know I'll end up at home in the end.
But don't give me away! I'll come back when I'm ready,
I don't want to show up until mom kicks out Uncle Eddie.
He makes bad jokes and sneezes all the time,
If he's so allergic to cats, why doesn't he hang out with his family and stop bothering mine!
Oh well, here I go, remember don't say a word.
If I stay away long enough, mom might not make me wear something absurd.
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