Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is it Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Hey Mister, Aren't you the turkey?
-Nope, I'm Santa

No, I'm pretty sure you're not. You look like a turkey with a Santa hat on.
-I'm most definitely Santa. Why else would I be all round and jiggly like a bowl full of jelly?

Good food?
-And why do I seem so jolly if I'm not Saint Nick?

I don't know actually, why would you be jolly? I mean, people eat turkeys for Thanksgiving.
-Exactly. So I have to be Santa.

Does anyone else feel like their brain just got scrambled? <emphatic nodding>

In a few short weeks,
Families and friends will meet.

We'll have stuffing and gravy,
The kids will tease Uncle Davy.

There will be pie and ice cream,
Which will make the kids scream.
It'll be total chaos,
but who cares, it's just us.
I love my family too much,
to kick up a fuss.
So Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving to one and all,
And don't forget to enjoy the pretty leaves that turn color in fall. 

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