Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family Thanksgiving

One day of the year,
When it super cold.
The owls gather together,
The young and the old.

I'd tell you they have fun,
But I'd be a liar.
Dad insists on cooking,
So there's always a fire.

Mom gets really mad,
And goes out for the night.
We try to play board games,
But it always ends in a fight.

The kids stay up super late,
Watching scary movies and laughing,
They never get to sleep,
Because they're so scared their gasping.

In the morning we all gather,
To help clean up the mess.
Mom helps clean all the dishes,
Dad helps the kids all get dressed.

Then we head out together to play in the cold,
We throw snow balls if there's snow,
We try playing football
If we feel bold.

When we all head home,
We feel really sad,
We call each other right away
We get over being mad.

It's good to spend that time together,
Playing and having fun,
Even when we don't all get along,
We know to each other we're number one.

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