Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crochet Preparations for Thanksgiving

Did you collect the holly?

No and I'm not super jolly. It's Thanksgiving not Christmas - don't make me call Molly!

The holly is fun, it will make people happy, but whatever, I'll decorate with snap peas.

That's pretty strange, I think it'll look lame, I'll just buy the holly, but it'll be your folly.

People will love it, it'll be super fun. I'll get the house looking great, I'll get it all done.

Uh huh, Just make sure you get mom a big turkey from the farm up the road. Don't forget or you'll be sorry, she'll serve you liver and toad. 

I've got it written down and bolded and circled and starred, on Thanksgiving I swear, a turkey will be carved.

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