Monday, November 24, 2014

Camping in the Cold

There are a set of green bunnies sitting out in the cold
They were camping with dad, but he said he was too old
To sleep out at night on the ground with the twigs
So at midnight he headed inside where mom is

It was dark and windy that night in the tent
And both bunnies wondered where dad had went
But at the last minute when all was lost
He showed up with hot chocolate and ice cream with chocolate sauce

It was good fun in the tent with dad that night
Even when the lightning gave the bunnies a fright
Dad told stories and made finger puppies in the light
The bunnies cuddled up and talked all through the night.

It might be cold and windy these dark winter days
But now they know dad is the dad that plays
So each night they cuddle up on the couch
And they tell stories and laugh until their sides go ouch. 
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