Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Madness

Why are we doing this now? Yesterday was Thanksgiving, we should be sleeping!
It's going to get cold in like 2 hours, trust me. Every year, exactly 12 hours after Thanksgiving dinner is served, the temperature drops 20 degrees and then mom says "Why don't you guys go out and put the lights up while you're here? I'm so nervous on the ladder, it'd be such a big help" and each year we fall for it and have to come out here in the FREEZING cold to put up the lights. If we do it now, we won't freeze.
Ok, well....If you say it like that.

Helping with the Lights
Don't fall for that jazz,
Tell your mom you have to pass.

Hanging lights is a bummer,
You should have done it during summer.

Take a nap instead,
No one will notice you're in bed.

Wait until the very last minute,
And then don't finish.

Pull a muscle in your back,
Make your friend pick up the slack.

And most important of all,
Don't celebrate Christmas at all.

Because if you DID, 
You'd have to admit...
That you should have bought a tree
When I invited you to go with me.
And you should have hung the lights,
Instead of picking a fight.
And you should have made eggnog
Instead of updating your blog.

But alas,
Christmas is now a pass.
Except for me, I prepared,
And now Santa won't be scared.
He'll find my house in the dark
And give me presents like peppermint bark
And you'll have to go without, 
Because you forgot what Christmas was all about.

Working as a team,
Doing what we mean,
Being nice to the elderly,
Giving toys to the childrenry.
Laughing politely at not-funny jokes,
Begin nice to each girl and bloke.

So remember for next year, 
Or start now, you've nothing to fear.

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