Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Madness

Why are we doing this now? Yesterday was Thanksgiving, we should be sleeping!
It's going to get cold in like 2 hours, trust me. Every year, exactly 12 hours after Thanksgiving dinner is served, the temperature drops 20 degrees and then mom says "Why don't you guys go out and put the lights up while you're here? I'm so nervous on the ladder, it'd be such a big help" and each year we fall for it and have to come out here in the FREEZING cold to put up the lights. If we do it now, we won't freeze.
Ok, well....If you say it like that.

Helping with the Lights
Don't fall for that jazz,
Tell your mom you have to pass.

Hanging lights is a bummer,
You should have done it during summer.

Take a nap instead,
No one will notice you're in bed.

Wait until the very last minute,
And then don't finish.

Pull a muscle in your back,
Make your friend pick up the slack.

And most important of all,
Don't celebrate Christmas at all.

Because if you DID, 
You'd have to admit...
That you should have bought a tree
When I invited you to go with me.
And you should have hung the lights,
Instead of picking a fight.
And you should have made eggnog
Instead of updating your blog.

But alas,
Christmas is now a pass.
Except for me, I prepared,
And now Santa won't be scared.
He'll find my house in the dark
And give me presents like peppermint bark
And you'll have to go without, 
Because you forgot what Christmas was all about.

Working as a team,
Doing what we mean,
Being nice to the elderly,
Giving toys to the childrenry.
Laughing politely at not-funny jokes,
Begin nice to each girl and bloke.

So remember for next year, 
Or start now, you've nothing to fear.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Happy Crochet Thanksgiving to You!

It's Thanksgiving Day,

Time to eat and talk,
Time to chat and mock
Our favorite football teams playing that day.

Time to watch puppies parade,
And floats promenade.

Time to laugh over coffee,
Oh why don't we,
Just sit and visit for a while.

I'll tell you about sis, 
You can fill in the stories I missed 
And we can all have pie and ice cream.

So on this very special day,
Let's forget about dismay
And just be glad for each and every ray. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Meets Christmas in Crochet Valley

Hey Paul, isn't it a little early for the Santa hat? We're celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow.
The houses are decorated, the stores stocked up, Christmas is here my friend, whether we want it or not.
True, true.

Bring your friends together, 
Celebrate with fun and joy,
Share the cookies and candy,
With all the girls and boys. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving is a State of Mind

There be no turkey here, only Santa.

Picking your Turkey
It's cold,
Be bold,
Don't let your pride get sold.

Sit up straight,
Don't faint.
Have an imposing gait. 

It's time,
I've got the thyme
I'm really hoping I can make you mine. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Camping in the Cold

There are a set of green bunnies sitting out in the cold
They were camping with dad, but he said he was too old
To sleep out at night on the ground with the twigs
So at midnight he headed inside where mom is

It was dark and windy that night in the tent
And both bunnies wondered where dad had went
But at the last minute when all was lost
He showed up with hot chocolate and ice cream with chocolate sauce

It was good fun in the tent with dad that night
Even when the lightning gave the bunnies a fright
Dad told stories and made finger puppies in the light
The bunnies cuddled up and talked all through the night.

It might be cold and windy these dark winter days
But now they know dad is the dad that plays
So each night they cuddle up on the couch
And they tell stories and laugh until their sides go ouch. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Campout

On a cold winter night
A father gave his kids an awful fright.

They were gleeful to be camping out,
But they misunderstood what it was all about.

Those little green bunnies thought Santa was near, 
But alas, it was too soon to bend his ear.

They had lists prepared! And cookies too.
But it was too soon and they were blue.

"We'll see him soon," their dad said cheerfully,
But the bunnies just stared at their lists tearfully.

Something needed to be done, and he had a thought,
So from inside the house, pen and paper was brought.

And the two little bunnies carefully drew,
Notes to Santa and Mrs. Clause too. 

The camp out was saved and the bunnies had fun,
It was dad's good thinking that made it fun for each son.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Spotting the Owl

I'm a little on the shy side as you can see,
I'm hiding in a crowd so you can't identify me.
I've got brown feathers and pink around the eyes,
I'm as sneaky as they come, almost like a spy.
I'm sneaking off you see, to hide out of town.
I don't want anyone to know, that I'm hanging around.
It's Thanksgiving next week and I don't want to be caught,
I'm not into family gatherings and all that what not.
I just want to relax and watch football with friends,
But if I'm honest, I know I'll end up at home in the end.
But don't give me away! I'll come back when I'm ready,
I don't want to show up until mom kicks out Uncle Eddie.
He makes bad jokes and sneezes all the time,
If he's so allergic to cats, why doesn't he hang out with his family and stop bothering mine!
Oh well, here I go, remember don't say a word.
If I stay away long enough, mom might not make me wear something absurd.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Family Thanksgiving

One day of the year,
When it super cold.
The owls gather together,
The young and the old.

I'd tell you they have fun,
But I'd be a liar.
Dad insists on cooking,
So there's always a fire.

Mom gets really mad,
And goes out for the night.
We try to play board games,
But it always ends in a fight.

The kids stay up super late,
Watching scary movies and laughing,
They never get to sleep,
Because they're so scared their gasping.

In the morning we all gather,
To help clean up the mess.
Mom helps clean all the dishes,
Dad helps the kids all get dressed.

Then we head out together to play in the cold,
We throw snow balls if there's snow,
We try playing football
If we feel bold.

When we all head home,
We feel really sad,
We call each other right away
We get over being mad.

It's good to spend that time together,
Playing and having fun,
Even when we don't all get along,
We know to each other we're number one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Becoming the Turkey

You see son, there comes a time in every little baby poult's life when you have to face a sad reality.....Some turkeys just taste better than others.

[Poult = baby turkey <-- I googled it :)]

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving is Coming

Bob, it's not like a person or anything. It's a holiday. It's fun.

I don't believe you. Every time someone says 'so and so' is coming, my house gets knocked over! I'm not leaving this time! I'm going to stay and when this Thanksgiving guy comes along, I'm going to give him a talking to.

It's a coming!
Thanksgiving's coming!

Better lock up the snacks,
Better hike up your slacks.

It's gonna flood with good cheer,
Watch out! the Turkey is near.

Oh Thanksgiving is coming,
Oh yes it's coming.

And it's gonna bring .....

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five of a Kind

There are five of us and we're each brand new.
Marvin just got made, and Ivan is new too.

We should take over the village and have a bit of fun
We should run a muck, get crazy, become undone.

It's Friday after all. The day where fun meets freedom,
We can play all night and make this place our Eden.

So what do you say, to a night of silliness and bliss?
Are you with us for the night, or will decide to miss?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crochet Preparations for Thanksgiving

Did you collect the holly?

No and I'm not super jolly. It's Thanksgiving not Christmas - don't make me call Molly!

The holly is fun, it will make people happy, but whatever, I'll decorate with snap peas.

That's pretty strange, I think it'll look lame, I'll just buy the holly, but it'll be your folly.

People will love it, it'll be super fun. I'll get the house looking great, I'll get it all done.

Uh huh, Just make sure you get mom a big turkey from the farm up the road. Don't forget or you'll be sorry, she'll serve you liver and toad. 

I've got it written down and bolded and circled and starred, on Thanksgiving I swear, a turkey will be carved.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is it Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Hey Mister, Aren't you the turkey?
-Nope, I'm Santa

No, I'm pretty sure you're not. You look like a turkey with a Santa hat on.
-I'm most definitely Santa. Why else would I be all round and jiggly like a bowl full of jelly?

Good food?
-And why do I seem so jolly if I'm not Saint Nick?

I don't know actually, why would you be jolly? I mean, people eat turkeys for Thanksgiving.
-Exactly. So I have to be Santa.

Does anyone else feel like their brain just got scrambled? <emphatic nodding>

In a few short weeks,
Families and friends will meet.

We'll have stuffing and gravy,
The kids will tease Uncle Davy.

There will be pie and ice cream,
Which will make the kids scream.
It'll be total chaos,
but who cares, it's just us.
I love my family too much,
to kick up a fuss.
So Happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving to one and all,
And don't forget to enjoy the pretty leaves that turn color in fall. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Share a Little Food With Me

The last leaf in the tree,
It's just for me.

I'd share it with you,
But then you'd get some too.

I'm hungry you see, 
And I want it all for me.

You're hungry too?
I never knew.

I guess I could share,
But only because I care.

You're my best friend you see,
And you're the most important thing to me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Crochet Pink is All You Need

A little pink to bring warmth to your cheeks
Soft and sweet and it reaches to your feets.

Your mom is a peach for making it for me,
I'm a big fan of gifts you see, 
Especially because they're free.

So let me share with you a little advice,
Even if something doesn't look at all nice.

Say thank you and be polite.
Because someone took the time to think about you.
And that's better than any silly gift, old or new.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Crochet Honesty Is Important

Hey April, How's it been going?
-Good. Can't complain.
You sure there's nothing bothering you?
-No, nothings bothering me.

Ok, Ok. I can't take it. April! Can we please talk about the ELEPHANT in the room? Because it's creeping me out.

<When figuratively meets reality> 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

What's Better Than a Turtle?

One big, One little.
One sits in the front, one gets stuck in the back in the middle.

They both walk slow, 
But the big one can see where to go.

The big one towers above,
But the little one fits into small spaces like a glove.

And in addition to fitting into small spaces,
Little turtles are hard to catch during chases.

So big or small, you can't go wrong.
They both deserve to have their own theme song.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's up Turkey?

I don't know what to say,
I've been looking every day.

Guffry's been hiding here and there,
And I haven't been able to find him anywhere.

He needs to show up in 3 weeks,
He's the guest of honor at the feast. 

I sure hope I can find him before then,
Or we'll be stuck with Mrs. Hen.

Who I'm sure will do a lovely job,
But it's Thanksgiving and turkey goes best with corn on the cob.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crochet Halloween is Over

It's cold and windy,
The leaves have fallen, And I'm feeling too skinny.

It's time to eat and be warm, 
To be with family and to laugh and charm.

But what to do with these orange dudes?
We could make pie and toasted seeds, or some hearty stews.

Oh a hearty stew sounds so nice,
With chunky toasted bread to eat by the slice.

And games! We must have games and fun,
Until we're all to tired and our day is done.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Giveaway

This month I will be giving away a set of stocking ornaments - one red, one green - to one lucky winner

Directions: Like my Facebook page and respond to my post: Stocking Giveaway

See you there and happy holidays! :)

Buzzing Crochet Bees

A little buzzing here and there,
Never hurt a cow or bear.

We're only here to have fun,
Why does everyone always run?

The flowers are all going bye bye,
So away we must a fly fly.

But don't think we won't be back,
Because we will and that's that.

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