Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's Your Crochet Costume?

Dad, what are you wearing?

-My Halloween costume. Do you like it?

It looks like an ugly green hat.

-Psh, don't be silly. It's a tree! I'm a tree, a tree-dragon. Get it?

Yup, you're hilarious <shakes head>

Costume Selection

Bring a friend, bring a pal, bring you mom and dad,
But don't, I tell you, don't
Pick out a costume without trying it out,
And please let your friends' opinion count.

Unless you really want to scare,
Then go crazy, heck dress like a bear!

Because on Halloween you can dress how you like
And give people a fright
And you still get candy, and goodies, and fun stuff and more
Because it's a night of fun, I'll say no more. 
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