Monday, October 13, 2014

Bring Out Your Pumpkins

Bring Out Your Pumpkins

Halloween is a calling. Not like being a healer or teacher or fireman, but a calling none the less. You have to want it. You have to stay up late and give up your weekends just to prepare, to set up, and to wait. On the big night, you have to be two parts scary and two parts fun. Just scary enough, but not so scary kids immediately run. Candy is important. You need a lot of it. Also, location is key. Cemeteries are great, but not enough houses with candy. Next to a school is ideal. Next, pick a theme. Are you going ghoul? Skeletons? Zombies? I like the vampire route, but not everyone finds me in pointy teeth terrifying. Werewolves are in this year. Whatever you do, go big! Go extravagant. And Scream alot.

Boom, Crash,
Run away, dash.

Spiders on the roof,
Skeletons disappearing, poof.

Bring a bag for your haul,
Bring a friend so you don't fall.

Laugh a lot just for fun,
Grab your candy before you run.
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