Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

It's a spooky, scary, creepy day.
But also a special day for play.

Tonight you'll go from house to house,
And you'll creep around like a little mouse.

One lady might try to scare,
But you'll  notice her and know that she's there.

A scary mummy might jump out at you,
So be ready to run, to house number two.

And with each new door,
You'll knock politely and ask for more.

Remember to say thank you for each yummy piece,
And pet the kitty, little petrice.

So Happy Halloween!! My friends,
I hope you have fun until the spookiness ends.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Day Until Crochet Halloween

You're being very silly.
Halloween is tomorrow and there'll be candy a-plenty.

Come down now or I'll call you mom, 
She was going to make candy apples and now they'll be none.

In twenty-four hours we'll be skipping along,
Singing Halloween songs.

We'll be with Johnny and April, 
And there will be so much candy, we'll each get our fill.

Well, I'm off to get sleep.
If you refuse to come too, then tomorrow you'll be tired and weak.

You won't be able to carry as much as me,
And so I'll have more than you, maybe times three.

Ha! On second thought, stay there! I dare you.
And I'll have it all and won't share too!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Crochet Kitty Knows Where the Loot Is

Come'on kitty, tell me for real.
I promise not to steal.

It's just inside the door, right?
Or under the broken kite? Just out of sight?

I'm all dressed up!
I'm ready to gobble it up.

Please please let me have some,
I'm going to blow up if I can't have even a small piece of gum.

Ok, I see.
I guess I'll just let you be.

But be assured, you haven't seen the last of me.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is it a Crochet Trick or Treat?

It's a few days early, can't you see?
They're not at all ready for you and me.

Our costumes are great, our bags are ready for candy and sweets,
But I don't think anyone's here, we need to go home in defeat.

I know you're disappointed, but it won't be for long,
Soon it'll be October 31st and we'll be out strolling along.

The candy will be plentiful,
Enough to fill each tentacle.

And it will be so delicious,
To eat all those chocolates and gummy fishes.

So head home with me now,
No need to throw a tantrum or pout.

We'll be back in a few days, just you see,
And then they'll be ready for you and me.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Getting Crochet Ready for Halloween

I'm not so sure about this. This house is pretty spooky.

-Don't be silly. We're in costume. They can't not give us candy when we're in costume.

But... it's not Halloween yet.

When in doubt, check the calendar.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Crochet Owls in a Tree

One is for happy, like watching the sun set.
One is for glad, for being with friends.
One is for thankful, that we're all here together.
One is for excited, to do this again tomorrow.

One, two, three, four.
They are the ones that I adore.
They make you happy, give you cheer,
And each to me is quite dear.

I could get mad, or sad, or angry or annoyed,
But I'd rather be happy so I'll have less people to avoid.
I'd rather look forward than worry about the past,
I'd rather get excited about the fun I had last.

So cheer on your family and friends and colleagues,
And your dog and the cat and that kid they call knees.
Root for the slow guy when you're out jogging,
And that lady who has trouble with her eyeglasses fogging.

Stick up for your friend, even when they're rude,
And remember to always be a pretty awesome dude (or dudette).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crochet Fall

The flowers are all gone.
The leaves will soon follow.
I'm alone out here.
Even the pumpkins are hollow.

Soon I'll head off to hibernate,
And you'll be free to run and play.
With out worrying I'll arrive,
And ruin your fun day. 

So go on now,
Have your picnics and fun,
I'll be back in the spring,
To make you all run.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crochet Kitty Twins

Crochet Kitty Twins

On a Halloween night, not too far from now, 
These two sweet kitties will stalk the night for candy and chow.

I'm not talking sweet little kiddos asking for a treat,
They'll be taking from the little ones, the slow and petite.

These kitties are lazy, they don't want to go house to house,
How much faster it'll be for them to sneak and steal like a mouse.

Watch over your candy kids, be ever vigilant,
Don't let the kitties steal your goodies, you must be diligent.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Crochet Tree for You and Me

A Crochet Tree for You and Me

This tree is for me can't you see
I've got my feathers on it and now it's claimed,
Go somewhere else! - he exclaimed.

No, no, silly owl, your logic has gone a fowl.
I've been here longer than you,
So the tree is mine, there's nothing you can do.

Yes, yes little kitty, don't think I'll give up just 'cause you're pretty
Time is circular and it's come back to me,
So be off now, step away from my tree.

This is just not right! And I'm up for the fight.
I'll call and I'll wine 
And I'll pace and be annoying all the time.
You'll give up my tree
And be away from me
Or I'll count to three.

One, two

Oh take it silly cat, 
Your silliness has just gone flat.
I had it fair and square,
But it's not worth it to put up with your mean stare.
So take the tree, and be free.
I'll just go home now and be sad and pout to my mommy.

Perhaps we can share, just as long as no one is aware.
I'll take the day, 
Since at night is when you like to play
And when we trade places, I'll say something nice, 
To keep you warm on those cold stormy nights.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kitty Crochet Witch

Kitty Crochet Witch

In the woods can be found.
A scary cat, short and round.
He's got magic powers,
And a hatred for flowers,
He has on his head,
A witches hat, black not red.
Watch out! The scary cat should be feared,
I saw him once give a frog a beard.
So be wary in the woods today,
Scary cat is not one with whom you should play.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crochet Giveaway

Crochet Giveaway

I love pumpkins! So much so that I want to share one of my special crochet pumpkins with you, my loyal, wonderful readers. Like my Crochet By Karin Facebook page and post a picture of your pumpkin (real, crochet, papermache, etc) and you'll be entered in a chance to win one the above lovely crochet wonders I call pumpkin. I'll pick a winner on Sunday October 26th and mail your pumpkin just in time for Halloween !

UPDATE: One of the pumpkins has now been given away...but there are still 2 left! Keep liking and posting until October 31st for your chance to receive one of these cute guys in the mail.

Share with your friends!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Crochet Pumpkins

Three Crochet Pumpkins

Three little devils,
Looking all unsettled. 
They're worried to be picked,
Worried they'll be nicked. (that means stolen)
One wants to be spooky,
One all the time kooky.
I'm after the third,
To make into Sir Spector the Third.

Pumpkin, gourd, or squash,
Remember to decorate it with panache.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crochet Halloween Jealousy

I'm so cuter than you.
I have a cool hat, and a spooky personality.
Your're just a gigantic, bright orange, green stem, perfect leaves soon-to-be Jack-o-lantern.


Public service announcement: Don't let your pumpkin get jealous this year, remember to hug him every day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What's Your Crochet Costume?

Dad, what are you wearing?

-My Halloween costume. Do you like it?

It looks like an ugly green hat.

-Psh, don't be silly. It's a tree! I'm a tree, a tree-dragon. Get it?

Yup, you're hilarious <shakes head>

Costume Selection

Bring a friend, bring a pal, bring you mom and dad,
But don't, I tell you, don't
Pick out a costume without trying it out,
And please let your friends' opinion count.

Unless you really want to scare,
Then go crazy, heck dress like a bear!

Because on Halloween you can dress how you like
And give people a fright
And you still get candy, and goodies, and fun stuff and more
Because it's a night of fun, I'll say no more. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Pumpkin Picking

I'm tellin' you Mark, my cousin Ken Pumpkin was the coolest kid growing up. We'd be walking through town and people would shout from their cars, "Ken'kin! How's it going?"

-What happened to him?

Oh, it's really sad. He went out one night and got lit up. He glowed for days.

[Boomboom CHING! Yeah, you know you groaned. HA!]

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bring Out Your Pumpkins

Bring Out Your Pumpkins

Halloween is a calling. Not like being a healer or teacher or fireman, but a calling none the less. You have to want it. You have to stay up late and give up your weekends just to prepare, to set up, and to wait. On the big night, you have to be two parts scary and two parts fun. Just scary enough, but not so scary kids immediately run. Candy is important. You need a lot of it. Also, location is key. Cemeteries are great, but not enough houses with candy. Next to a school is ideal. Next, pick a theme. Are you going ghoul? Skeletons? Zombies? I like the vampire route, but not everyone finds me in pointy teeth terrifying. Werewolves are in this year. Whatever you do, go big! Go extravagant. And Scream alot.

Boom, Crash,
Run away, dash.

Spiders on the roof,
Skeletons disappearing, poof.

Bring a bag for your haul,
Bring a friend so you don't fall.

Laugh a lot just for fun,
Grab your candy before you run.

Friday, October 10, 2014

There's a Crochet Pumpkin Coming

There's a Crochet Pumpkin Coming

Watch out! Look see!
There's a pumpkin and he's looking at me.

He's got big eyes and a wonky mouth,
My knees are shaking, I'm a scared little mouse.

I've never seen a pumpkin so alive and alert,
And there's another in the distance, shuffling in the dirt.

I better scamper off, before they make chase,
I think it'll be best, if I make haste.

Watch out for the pumpkins! I'm warning you now.
By tomorrow they'll be everywhere, even under the cow.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Crochet Love

Crochet Love

Two of kind,
A unique find.

A love so true,
Out of the blue,
Just grew.

Who knew love could feel so new.

Committed for the long haul,
A love that won't fall.

Or falter, or halt,
A love that can't be bought.

Bring the deniers, 
the liars,
The love defiers.

Show them this love, 
Beyond and above,
What we all only hope to find a piece of. 

And believe
Don't leave.

Believe that love so true,
Is for you,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where's My Crochet Pumpkin?

Where's My Crochet Pumpkin?

Hey dad, what's going on?

-Son, I have a surprise for you. I know you've been asking for a few weeks so.....
 I got you a pumpkin!

Wow Dad. You shouldn't have.

-Isn't he great? He was just sitting around so I grabbed him.

[shakes head] Come on with me Mr. Jack-o-lantern. I'll take you home.

-What? You don't want to keep him?

Note to Pumpkin Pickers:
When Picking a Pumpkin 
Bring a friend
Or you might regret your choice in the end.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crochet Octopus Get-Together

Crochet Octopus Get-Together

They were all super stoked to be meeting the great land octopus for the first time and were all having a great time until someone mentioned they were hungry. Then the others started feeling hungry and upon hearing the grumbling of the visitors, the land octopus suddenly felt hungry.

And so the gathering was cut short so that everyone could secure food as quickly as possible.

As it turned out, that first guy who was hungry had ordered pizza for everyone, but they were all gone by the time it arrived.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Crochet Question

A Crochet Question

The sky is blue,
The ground green,
You're super sweet,
And we make a good team.

Will you go to the fall dance with me?
Sorry I don't mean to shout,
You make me nervous,
And I have some doubt.

I'd pick you up,
And bring flowers and candy,
Mom says to also bring safety pins,
As they can come in handy.

We can dance all night,
And drink some punch,
I'm sure there'll be snacks,
And we can grab a bunch.

Don't say anything now,
Just consider for a while,
I'm just hoping you'll say yes,
Because that would make me smile. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Crochet Football Love

Crochet Football Love

Football fans, large and small
Will gather today to watch them run, collide, and fall
They are warriors, champions, heroes and role models,
Such skill and bravery we wish we could all bottle

So bring the chips and gather around
Bring family and friends and Micky the hound
Cheer and holler, bellow and bother,
Root for your running back, tight end, or the team of your father

It's time for family, time for friends,
Time to spend together, until the game comes to an end.
So see you there, or maybe later,
So I can brag that my fantasy league did better.

Friday, October 3, 2014

What to do at a Crochet Recital

What to do at a Crochet Recital

Oh don't you know...
That soon it'll snow...
And the presents will fall from the skiiiieeieieiiiiiiii

And even I,
Will try not to lie
So that I can see Santa Fliiieieieieieiii

Oh here we go....

Do we have to stay for the whole thing?
[eye roll]

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crochet Coordination

Crochet Coordination

On a day when it's hot and everyone is tired.
It's not nice to come unprepared; you might get yourself fired.

If you want to stay up late and watch Jimmy Fallon on TV,
Just remember, if you don't study, your friends might be angry.

Jimmy is pretty funny and I can see why'd you be distracted,
But no one will thank you when your team is impacted.

So study hard and do well in rehearsal,
Or the loathing of your teammates will probably be universal.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crochet Cat Family Team Work

Crochet Cat Family Team Work

Ok kids, we need to put in at least 10 hours this week. Samual, you're on the couch. Michael, grab that sunny spot right in front of the back door. Remember, no matter what happens, do not wake up, do not move, do not give any impression that you've noticed. If you get pushed out of the sunny spot, wait until no one's looking and then push yourself back into position. Samual, if someone sits right next to you, stretch out as much as possible and extend your claws into the nearest thigh, but do not open your eyes. Got it?

Where will you be dad?

I need to throw up a fur ball in someone's shoe. 
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