Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crochet Jousting

Crochet Jousting

Two owls mark off 20 paces or so,
They'll be running straight ahead, coming to a blow.
The watchers are all watching, some through closed hands,
I'm watching too, but from behind the stands.

The owl in purple is a close friend,

And I really don't want to see him come to his end.
I'm crossing my fingers, legs and toes,
I'm trying to cross my eyes, but just looking at my nose.

Everyone thinks things will go off without a hitch,
I think they're all crazy and I should be cowering in a ditch.
Who needs to come to blows to feel mighty and strong,
Just eat some chillis and go to a karaoke sing-a-long.

And jousting, JOUSTING! Of all crazy things,
And all of the me-ladying silliness it brings.
Call be miss, call me gal, call me lady or 'you,'
But don't try to prove something by acting like a fool. 

I'm off to try archery, it sounded like great fun,
I'll wait till later to see who won.

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