Friday, September 12, 2014

Crochet Fire Most Foul

Crochet Fire Most Foul

The dragon was not amused.
Owl was becoming bruised.

Dragon would not agree.
That the animals should be free.

Owl tried with all his might.
To convince him rather than fight.
But the dragon attacked.
And that was that.
The fight was on.
And owl was set upon.

Dragon breathed fire.
The situation was dire.
Owl grabbed his shield and deflected the blaze.
The dragon became angry, then enraged.

Dragon stamped his feet and ran to attack
Owl and pony prepared to fight back.
They battled for hours
Dragon's anger soured.

"I've had my fill,
I agree to give up my hill."
Dragon said with disdain
Before giving up his reign.

The animals rejoiced!
From now on they would have a choice.
Owl smiled in relief
That the fight had been brief.

The animals asked owl to stay
He happily agreed to remain and play
From now on the animals would be free every day.
Everyone yelled Hurrah!

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