Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crochet Dad Story Time

Crochet Dad Story Time

Ok, ok, settle down kids. Who wants to hear about the kitty and the spider?

Mee!! meee!! Dad, can I sit next to you??

Ok, Henry, you come sit by me. Mary, don't hit your brother honey.

Sorry dad.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the kitty and the spider. Once there was a kitty named Mitch, he was black with white spots and when he walked his little tail twitched. Mitch had a very short tail and the other kitties teased him about it.

How'd he loose his tail daddy?

Little Mitch was born with a little tail and his mommy loved him for it, but all the other little kitties didn't like that Mitch was different. They would tell him he'd fall out of trees and couldn't run and jump like they could because he didn't have a proper tail. It hurt Mitch very much because he thought his tail was nice, if a little small, and he could run just as fast and jump just as far as the other kitties.

How mean!

Well, one day Mitch was playing alone in the yard and he heard a very little voice calling. It was barely a whisper, but Mitch often sat listening to the wind and he knew this was different. His hair stood on end and he had an irresistible urge to follow the noise.

Where'd he go daddy?

Mitch closed his eyes and stretched his head up high and on the edge of the wind he heard the voice again, blowing town from the trees. Looking up, he didn't see anything, but it was definitely coming from a large branch up in the old oak in the yard. Mitch dug his claws in and climbed, slowly but surely up the side of the tree.

With every step he go closer to the branch, he could hear the voice more clearly and it was a tiny tiny voice and he could hear it asking for help. A very sad voice, it made Mitch think of how sad he was when the kitties were mean to him and it made him climb that much faster to help the person attached to that voice.

When he go to the branch he looked around, but saw nothing. He listened again and the voice came louder still from the trunk of the tree. Just where the branch met the tree a small hole could be seen and peering inside, Mitch could see a small spider that hadn't gotten stuck in a bit of sticky sap and couldn't climb out.

"Help me," it called. Mitch looked around, but there were no loose sticks he could pull free and his paws would not fit in the small hole. Frantic, Mitch looked all around and then his small twitching tail came into view. Feeling doubtful, Mitch turned and stuck his small tail into the home. "Grab my tail," Mitch cried.  When he felt a small tug he slowly pulled his tail out and there was the spider, holding on tight to his fur.

"Oh thank you!" the spider cried. Mitch smiled. "You're very welcome," he replied.

Off ran the spider, but not before giving Mitch a brief hug and another thank you. Mitch climbed back down, a small smile on his face and it never went away. Even when the kitties teased him and didn't want to play, Mitch new better, his tail was just long enough and that was all that mattered.

That was a great story daddy!

Thanks kiddos. Now let's head back home for dinner.
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