Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Crochet Jump Into Fun

A Crochet Jump Into Fun

And a one, and a two, go!

Green Gary Brown Brown Brown,
Can't chase him down down down,
He's got all the candy candy candy,
Hidden all over town town town town.

Run real fast! 
Or he might get past!
Got to find that candy candy candy,
Because it's not going to last last last.

Going to check every bench bench bench,
Gonna open stuff with a wrench wrench wrench,
Got to check all over town town town,
All because of Green Gary Brown Brown Brown. 

Why do I like to sing, rhyme, and wax poetic about Easter? Well because Easter happens in the spring, which is one of my favorite times of the year. Also, you get candy at Easter and who doesn't like candy...bunnies, bunnies are cool. But why explain it, here's a little something that makes it all seem very sensible:

When it's Winter, I think about spring. When it's summer I think about fall. When it's fall I don't worry about anything at all.

[PS: After writing the above AWESOME song, I thought to myself...'let's just google this name really quick to make sure I haven't subconsciously made use a known song lyric." Good news - I found no evidence of plagiarism (but please let me know if I'm wrong). But what I did find out is that there was a football player named Gary Brown who played for the Green Bay Packers. So it might seam like the song is about him. Which I can confirm wasn't the intention, but if you're a Gary Brown fan and you like the song and agree that the person who hides candy at Easter has the BEST JOB EVER - you are welcome to sing the song, jump rope, and think fond things of that awesome Gary Brown - offensive tackle for the Green Bay Packers]

[PPS: I get my knowledge from Wikipedia which I admit may not be a traceable source, so please believe everything I say only as far as you believe Wikipedia is right all the time.] 
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