Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Crochet Dragon and his Castle

A Crochet Dragon and his Castle

Alas the animals of crochet valley may fear 
Now and for all the year, 
The evil dragon named Dan
the man.

He's feared by all and fears all
Because he knows he looks less scary and more like a faded ball.

So he wonders the land, 
Breathing fire on animal and man.

And on weekends, too weak from a week of setting fires,
He sits on the hill outside his castle and laments that he is tired.

Who will come to save the animals from the fearful Dan?
A man?
A man hitting a heavy can?
A man waving a gigantic fan?
Or perhaps it would be better if the animals just ran.

We must all do what we can, 
Until someone comes that can understand,
How to scare away the fearful and much feared Dan.

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