Tuesday, August 5, 2014

These Three Crochet Fish

These Three Crochet Fish

These three fish are brave and courageous and smart and wise,
They are generous and kind and oh so nice.

But why are they together today? 
To come up with a new game to play.

Should it be tag? Not that game again,
They played it yesterday and the winner was Fin.

Should it be Marco Polo? 
Surely no.

Should it be catch?
Really, how in the world would we fetch?

I have it! Says Bee
We'll swim together with tails up and free!
We'll glide here and there, we'll be free in the water like fish in the sea.

Oh what fun, said Gale
I want to start now! June agreed with a wail.

So they danced. They spun.
Gale twirled. Bee flipped. And they continued on having fun 
Until the day was done.

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