Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Crochet Mechanic

The Crochet Mechanic

Blue alien was smart and knew what to do
When the green alien crashed and his engine blew.

Blue alien worked and worked and worked some more,
Until that red spaceship was working once more.

We all sighed a sigh of utter relief
Until I remembered that now they would leave.

I made them a fire and we all sat around,
Telling fun stories and clowning around.

I’d never had such fun in the woods,
And it’d be sad when they left so I did what I could.

I took pictures and videos and had them sign my notebook,
I wrote down all the things we’d done and how the aliens could cook.

And I told them all about how fun this planet could be,
If only they’d stay than they could see.

Soon they would go, but not quite yet, I’ve got more story to tell you tomorrow so don’t fret. 
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