Friday, August 1, 2014

Pattern Review - Birdies

Pattern Review - Birdies

Good Morning lovely Crochet by Karin followers and first time visitors. For your viewing pleasure I have a pattern review for Birds of a feather ... family of charming birds designed by Teresa Alverez in August of 2013. The free pattern can be found on Ravelry HERE

Teresa has 74 patterns posted on Ravelry and all of them are pretty cute. This pattern is actually for 4 birds, a Mom, Dad and two kids, but for the purposes of this posting I tried out the Dad pattern. 

First off, this is a really cute pattern!

The face is very sweet and overall the pattern was easy to follow. I like the idea of the exaggerated legs and the concept of the tale was good.

I think in regards to the tale something I missed something when reading the pattern as I'm pretty sure I put the tale on backwards (yikes!) and while I think the doll still looks cute, the tale stands out as 'not being quiet right.'

The pattern does have a typo when it comes to the feet. The pattern calls to chain 10, then slip stitch to make a ring (this makes the starting circle for the foot), but then you have this huge hole where the base of the foot should be. When asked the designer suggesting using a magic ring with 10 single crochet so I did this instead. You could also (chain 2, 10 single crochet in 2nd chain from hook).

Also, when crocheting around the 10sc ring for your foot, crochet only in the front loops as the back loops will be used in step two to make the leg. It doesn't clearly say this in the pattern, but it's implied when you get to the leg step.

For the legs, the pattern called for 47 rows of single crochet, I got nervous and stopped at 26 rows - I thought they were getting too long! But in retrospect, a little longer would have looked cute also.

A few items of note:

  • The full pattern was 30 pages! This is because it is 4 patterns not one. 
  • There are no page numbers. I mixed up all the pages by the end and had to search around, I suggest you write the page numbers on there before you get started just to save your sanity. 

Overall I'd say the pattern is medium difficulty, took about 8 hours, and I was happy with the results.

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