Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Crochet Alien Feet? No Problem

No Crochet Alien Feet? No Problem

I imagine the two of them sitting by some rocks in the forest laughing about something the glookgocks were doing on the intergallactic transmitter the night before and throwing stones at the abyssnal horizon. Right?

And then Bisney asks Kelna if he thinks things will always be like this and Kelna sighs and says "Booshna kerina kis boosiny choolinfar." Which as we all no means "if we're lucky I think so."

And then out of NO WHERE a huge rock lands on them, and then kicks off the largest intergalactic war between them and the Insecularumsms since the great rising. Right? Or does is that something I'm just vaguely remembering? It might be a movie...hmmm.

Well, in any case. These two LOVELY and clearly gregarious fellows were created by Stacey Hunter who is quite the prolific crochet artist - see her website at:

Stacey also has a shop on Etsy which can be found here: Freshstitches If you get a chance to check out her site, my faves are the Lion, Kangaroo and the Goat.

I asked Stacey what her favorite stitch was and she loves loves loves the single crochet. Many stuffed creature designers use and love the single crochet stitch and you might wonder why, well Stacey has answered it. "It's a dense stitch that's really great for making stuffed animals" You might notice that Stacey's creations have 'ribs' on the outside - or a lined pattern. This is created by her crocheting in only the back loops of each stitch. Stacey says she likes the look of the ribs and it's easier on her wrists when crocheting.

I think it looks great and I'm sure you guys too. If you get a chance, check out Stacey's store and let me know what you think Bisney and Kelna are up to.

[PS. in case you hate the name, they are totally my creation - don't blame Stacey! :P]

I spent all week crocheting an alien from a free pattern I got from Ravelry, can you guess which one? If not, come back on Friday for my pattern review and find out!
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