Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crochet Ladybug Said What?

Crochet Ladybug Said What?

A ladybug was tiptoeing through the trees one day when she came upon a beautiful display. She thoughy to herself:

I could fly all the days of May
And never find such a bouquet

My heart is a dither 
At this truly exceptional litter

I think I'll stay forever, 
Or maybe until bad weather

So she sat for quite some time and to her that was just fine. But the other animals began to dismay when it was clear she wasn't soon going away.

[To be continued tomorrow!!]

[PS: the pattern for Ms. Ladybug was just posted to my Ravelry store for $1. If you would like to make your own (or many) ladybugs, feel free and happy crocheting!]
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