Friday, August 29, 2014

Crochet Aliens are Leaving

Crochet Aliens are Leaving

Today was the day,
The aliens were going.
It was great fun having them around,
But they needed to get rolling.

The great Atlantic Land-Octopus happened to stop by,
And was very proud to meet blue alien and say Hi.
He’d been wondering around the woods that day,
Trying to find the way to the valley of crochet.

“It’s nice meeting you.” He said with a smile.
And blue alien laughed when he danced on his tentacles and sang a song for a while.

And so at the end of that happy day,
Mouse monster and Land Octopus waved goodbye as green alien flew away.

But don’t worry, blue alien decided to stay.

For a while maybe or at least a few days.
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