Monday, August 18, 2014

Crochet Alien Noog

Crochet Alien Noog

This week I'll be paying tribute to the many crochet crafters on Etsy who have braved the final frontier and created what no man would call a man. When crocheting an alien, sure there are a lot of movies/comics/cartoons/etc, that one can use as a reference, but in a large way you are making use of your own imagination and asking yourself - what do you think you'd encounter on an alien planet. And such inner speculation tends to result in some spectacular and strange connotations. All wonderful and creative.

This adorable two eyed cutie was crocheted by Michael Murdock of CascadiaCrochet and is one of several crochet aliens available in Michael's store. Oga is also pretty cool and definitely worth a look.

Michael says that all of his animals are made using single crochet as this tends to be best for holding in the stuffing, but loves all stitches that create texture and interest.

One approach that I find adds texture is to crochet over several rows of single crochet either by using slip stitch or trying something like this pattern for double crochet over single crochet to add stripes.

To see more of Michael's patterns go to her store here: CascadiaCrochet
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