Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amigurumi Three Eyed Alien

Amigurumi Three Eyed Alien

When going out for a day on the town it's important to go prepared - bring an umbrella, jacket, gum, etc. The worst is when you get there and it starts pouring rain and you're wearing shorts and flip flops.

Take this three-eyed alien for example. I imagine on an alien planet with low light/visibility and a lot of fog, five eyes is a must have. This handsome creature was made by Etsy Crafter Purple27Crochet and you can purchase a pattern and many more at Purple27Crochet Etsy store.

While the three-eyed alien was made using single crochet, this designers favorite stitch is the Shell Stitch. One reason being the many different ways you can use it and mix it with other stitches.

Here's a quick tutorial on making a shell stitch: Click HERE
Here's a quick tutorial on making a weaved shell stitch: Click HERE
And who can forget this one on the 5DCcluster / Shell stitch: Click HERE

To get a copy of this pattern or any of the lovely others, see the Purple27Crochet Etsy Store.
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