Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Crochet Rescue Mission

A Crochet Rescue Mission

For a few days, Alien and I played in the woods,
Swimming in the river and fishing for food.

But after a while,
Away went his smile.
And he looked to the stars,
Where I’m sure his planet was way off far.   

“I hope you can fix your ship” I said.
He smiled, but hung his head.

Just when I thought all was lost,
A familiar gust of wind blew through the forest like exhaust.

The alien in his cheer,
Ran straight through the woods as the spaceship came near.

A round green ship with glowing lights,
And inside two more aliens, such a sight.

A blue alien and a spotted friend,
Had come to help my alien and bring him home in the end.

I’d tell you more, but then the story would be over,

come back tomorrow for part three of this disclosure.
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