Saturday, August 30, 2014

Angry Owl Graphgan

It's a long weekend, you've got some about an Angry Owl Graphgan? It would make a great holiday gift and then you'd be ahead on your shopping! And JoAnn's and Michael's is having a sale this weekend.......oooooh sale.

Click HERE or on the picture for the free pattern and happy crocheting!

Post your pics on Facebook, I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Crochet Aliens are Leaving

Crochet Aliens are Leaving

Today was the day,
The aliens were going.
It was great fun having them around,
But they needed to get rolling.

The great Atlantic Land-Octopus happened to stop by,
And was very proud to meet blue alien and say Hi.
He’d been wondering around the woods that day,
Trying to find the way to the valley of crochet.

“It’s nice meeting you.” He said with a smile.
And blue alien laughed when he danced on his tentacles and sang a song for a while.

And so at the end of that happy day,
Mouse monster and Land Octopus waved goodbye as green alien flew away.

But don’t worry, blue alien decided to stay.

For a while maybe or at least a few days.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Crochet Mechanic

The Crochet Mechanic

Blue alien was smart and knew what to do
When the green alien crashed and his engine blew.

Blue alien worked and worked and worked some more,
Until that red spaceship was working once more.

We all sighed a sigh of utter relief
Until I remembered that now they would leave.

I made them a fire and we all sat around,
Telling fun stories and clowning around.

I’d never had such fun in the woods,
And it’d be sad when they left so I did what I could.

I took pictures and videos and had them sign my notebook,
I wrote down all the things we’d done and how the aliens could cook.

And I told them all about how fun this planet could be,
If only they’d stay than they could see.

Soon they would go, but not quite yet, I’ve got more story to tell you tomorrow so don’t fret. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Crochet Rescue Mission

A Crochet Rescue Mission

For a few days, Alien and I played in the woods,
Swimming in the river and fishing for food.

But after a while,
Away went his smile.
And he looked to the stars,
Where I’m sure his planet was way off far.   

“I hope you can fix your ship” I said.
He smiled, but hung his head.

Just when I thought all was lost,
A familiar gust of wind blew through the forest like exhaust.

The alien in his cheer,
Ran straight through the woods as the spaceship came near.

A round green ship with glowing lights,
And inside two more aliens, such a sight.

A blue alien and a spotted friend,
Had come to help my alien and bring him home in the end.

I’d tell you more, but then the story would be over,

come back tomorrow for part three of this disclosure.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aliens and Crochet Greetings

Aliens and Crochet Greetings

“Hello!” he said.
I nodded my head.

“I seem to have crashed” he admitted bashfully.
I fainted – naturally.

When I awoke I was back at my tent  
And he was cooking popcorn, a lovely scent.

I struggled to sit and looked around in a fit.
He’d moved his spaceship!

It sat quite near me,
The words on the door spelling something I couldn’t read.

He asked me.

“Why yes, thank you. I didn’t know aliens drank tea.”
“Oh yes! I love the fruit kind with ice and all sugary.”

That made me smile and I knew right then,
We would be good friends.

But what happened next I ponder? You’ll need to come back tomorrow to find out, or I guess always wonder. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Crochet Crash Landing

Crochet Crash Landing

Out in the woods on a warm summer night,
I was jolted awake and given such a fright.

I'd been sleeping in my tent, dreaming of honey and bumblebees,
When a rush of wind rolled my tent and shook the trees.

In the dark and on my knees,
I climbed out of my tent and into the trees.

I followed a loud banging,
A clanging.

My ears pricked up, my hair stood on end,
I grabbed for the tree, looking for a friend.

And in a glen,
About 20 feet in,
I saw a wondrous sight,
something that I would remember forever after that night.

But that's a story for tomorrow so sit tight.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Crochet Alien Pattern Review

Free Crochet Alien Pattern Review

What a great week of patterns and Etsy crafters! I feel like running out and making one of my own....and I DID! This guy is from a free pattern on Ravelry that you can find HERE

This pattern was really fun to work on and was relatively easy. His head antennae and body are worked as one piece, then the feet and legs are sewn on. I think you could easily make just the head and antennae and it would be adorable, but I admit that the feet add a little something. The fangs are totally me though. It may make him look a bit more monster-like, but it works on him.

The hardest part of this pattern is the feet and it's not that they're super hard, it's just very hard to describe on paper what you're meant to do. The one thing to remember when you try out the pattern is each tow is 4 rows long and 6 single crochet stitches round. So as long as your first row is 6sc and you make 4 rows before finishing the toe off, you'll do fine. Or feel free to cry/kick/scream and/or whine on my Facebook page. I'll totally sympathize.

Next week...

Adventures in space travel! guaranteed to make you laugh, smirk and maybe giggle. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

No Crochet Alien Feet? No Problem

No Crochet Alien Feet? No Problem

I imagine the two of them sitting by some rocks in the forest laughing about something the glookgocks were doing on the intergallactic transmitter the night before and throwing stones at the abyssnal horizon. Right?

And then Bisney asks Kelna if he thinks things will always be like this and Kelna sighs and says "Booshna kerina kis boosiny choolinfar." Which as we all no means "if we're lucky I think so."

And then out of NO WHERE a huge rock lands on them, and then kicks off the largest intergalactic war between them and the Insecularumsms since the great rising. Right? Or does is that something I'm just vaguely remembering? It might be a movie...hmmm.

Well, in any case. These two LOVELY and clearly gregarious fellows were created by Stacey Hunter who is quite the prolific crochet artist - see her website at:

Stacey also has a shop on Etsy which can be found here: Freshstitches If you get a chance to check out her site, my faves are the Lion, Kangaroo and the Goat.

I asked Stacey what her favorite stitch was and she loves loves loves the single crochet. Many stuffed creature designers use and love the single crochet stitch and you might wonder why, well Stacey has answered it. "It's a dense stitch that's really great for making stuffed animals" You might notice that Stacey's creations have 'ribs' on the outside - or a lined pattern. This is created by her crocheting in only the back loops of each stitch. Stacey says she likes the look of the ribs and it's easier on her wrists when crocheting.

I think it looks great and I'm sure you guys too. If you get a chance, check out Stacey's store and let me know what you think Bisney and Kelna are up to.

[PS. in case you hate the name, they are totally my creation - don't blame Stacey! :P]

I spent all week crocheting an alien from a free pattern I got from Ravelry, can you guess which one? If not, come back on Friday for my pattern review and find out!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amigurumi Three Eyed Alien

Amigurumi Three Eyed Alien

When going out for a day on the town it's important to go prepared - bring an umbrella, jacket, gum, etc. The worst is when you get there and it starts pouring rain and you're wearing shorts and flip flops.

Take this three-eyed alien for example. I imagine on an alien planet with low light/visibility and a lot of fog, five eyes is a must have. This handsome creature was made by Etsy Crafter Purple27Crochet and you can purchase a pattern and many more at Purple27Crochet Etsy store.

While the three-eyed alien was made using single crochet, this designers favorite stitch is the Shell Stitch. One reason being the many different ways you can use it and mix it with other stitches.

Here's a quick tutorial on making a shell stitch: Click HERE
Here's a quick tutorial on making a weaved shell stitch: Click HERE
And who can forget this one on the 5DCcluster / Shell stitch: Click HERE

To get a copy of this pattern or any of the lovely others, see the Purple27Crochet Etsy Store.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crochet Alien Shout Outs Part 2

Crochet Alien Shout Outs Part 2

Somewhere out there, on a ridge, in a canyon, in a convenience store - an alien is sneaking up on someone and is about to tickle those little hairs on the back of your neck. Turn quick! Else you miss them.

Ally-Lyn the Crochet Alien is a fashionable, hip lady with some serious awesome-appeal. She was crocheted by Denise Barrett and is available in Denise's Etsy shop: NiecysKritters. Ally-Lynn the crochet alien was made using single crochet  and pops in a red, blue and green scarf.

Denise says she really likes single crochet, but cable stitch is also a favorite. Having not made something using cable stitch before, I'm running right out to try it.

To see more pictures of Ally-Lyn and all of Denise's patterns, see her Etsy shop at: NiecysKritters and stop by and say hi on her Facebook page.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crochet Alien Noog

Crochet Alien Noog

This week I'll be paying tribute to the many crochet crafters on Etsy who have braved the final frontier and created what no man would call a man. When crocheting an alien, sure there are a lot of movies/comics/cartoons/etc, that one can use as a reference, but in a large way you are making use of your own imagination and asking yourself - what do you think you'd encounter on an alien planet. And such inner speculation tends to result in some spectacular and strange connotations. All wonderful and creative.

This adorable two eyed cutie was crocheted by Michael Murdock of CascadiaCrochet and is one of several crochet aliens available in Michael's store. Oga is also pretty cool and definitely worth a look.

Michael says that all of his animals are made using single crochet as this tends to be best for holding in the stuffing, but loves all stitches that create texture and interest.

One approach that I find adds texture is to crochet over several rows of single crochet either by using slip stitch or trying something like this pattern for double crochet over single crochet to add stripes.

To see more of Michael's patterns go to her store here: CascadiaCrochet

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Crochet Tale of Aliens

A Crochet Tale of Aliens

In the dim of night after the haze of dusk, from no where came the Alien named Musk.

He seemed nice enough, good manners, kind eyes; but he kept looking at me and complaining about flies. I helped him the best I could, but what he wanted, I barely understood. I know everyone thinks I dreamed it, or maybe I'm crazy, but I swear the alien did visit. But just wait, it'll come true, the alien will soon visit you.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crochet Encounter

Crochet Encounter

Who could have believed that an alien, an ALIEN! Would pick mouse monster to be the first earthien he would ever meet. It was dark that night and mouse monster was out tracking down bunnies to scare - really,  don't ask - when there was a humming, kind of like cicada endlessly chirping.

And then nothing. Utter silence.

Spooked, mouse monster had turned to head home when the alien stepped out from behind a tree. The alien seemed dazed and asked for directions to Costco. Which seemed odd, but who knows, maybe Costco really is the best place to get cheap gas. Introducing himself as Musk, the alien waved goodbye and disappeared behind another tree.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Crochet Family Ties

Crochet Family Ties


I miss us doing this all the time.
-sitting around?

Yeah! We used to do this all the time, what happened?
-you failed math and had to go to summer school.

Oh yeah. Well at least I'm back now.
-school starts in a week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Crochet Invitation

A Crochet Invitation

Petunia, we'd like to ask you to stay.
You're so sweet and happy all day.
We simply can't send you away.


It's times like this that I'm happy to be in Crochet Valley,
Where friends and neighbors tend to rally,
To welcome new people no matter their folly.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sneaking Up on Crochet Ladybugs

Sneaking Up on Crochet Ladybugs

With a pitter and a patter, a kitty creeps up on the sweet squatter.
It's now been three days and she seems happy to stay.

Perhaps she should stay, she seems to chase the rain away.
It's been so sunny the past days, even the moles have come out to play.

Kitty watches for a while, just to see her laugh and smile.
She is so cheerful with her blooms, it's hard to feel gloom. 

With quite feet, kitty sneaks away. Ladybug seems OK.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Checking in on Crochet Ladybug

Checking in on Crochet Ladybug

She's still there.
Give her until Monday, if she's still there we can call in Gus to talk her into leaving.
Let's get one of the kitties to watch her. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Crochet Ladybug Said What?

Crochet Ladybug Said What?

A ladybug was tiptoeing through the trees one day when she came upon a beautiful display. She thoughy to herself:

I could fly all the days of May
And never find such a bouquet

My heart is a dither 
At this truly exceptional litter

I think I'll stay forever, 
Or maybe until bad weather

So she sat for quite some time and to her that was just fine. But the other animals began to dismay when it was clear she wasn't soon going away.

[To be continued tomorrow!!]

[PS: the pattern for Ms. Ladybug was just posted to my Ravelry store for $1. If you would like to make your own (or many) ladybugs, feel free and happy crocheting!]

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crochet Summer is Soon Coming to an End

Crochet Summer is Soon Coming to an End

The end of summer break is near
And soon parents will be in the clear
To walk around in pajamas and drink beer.
Oh wait, school doesn't keep them all year?

Oh Dear. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

These Three Crochet Fish

These Three Crochet Fish

These three fish are brave and courageous and smart and wise,
They are generous and kind and oh so nice.

But why are they together today? 
To come up with a new game to play.

Should it be tag? Not that game again,
They played it yesterday and the winner was Fin.

Should it be Marco Polo? 
Surely no.

Should it be catch?
Really, how in the world would we fetch?

I have it! Says Bee
We'll swim together with tails up and free!
We'll glide here and there, we'll be free in the water like fish in the sea.

Oh what fun, said Gale
I want to start now! June agreed with a wail.

So they danced. They spun.
Gale twirled. Bee flipped. And they continued on having fun 
Until the day was done.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Try Not to Poke the Crochet Animals

Try Not to Poke the Crochet Animals

"Did you call my fin BIG!?"

Well, yes, but...

"And who do you think you are, the Fin Police??"

No, no. So sorry, we were just ...well, we've never seen one so big before.

"Uahhhhhh!" <Gasp!>

Oh gosh, um. It's quite lovely, I imagine you swim quite quickly.

"Fast enough to hunt you down, that's for sure."

-Now you've down it.

Petunia hush!

"And you're rude to your kids to! I should have known."

Friday, August 1, 2014

Pattern Review - Birdies

Pattern Review - Birdies

Good Morning lovely Crochet by Karin followers and first time visitors. For your viewing pleasure I have a pattern review for Birds of a feather ... family of charming birds designed by Teresa Alverez in August of 2013. The free pattern can be found on Ravelry HERE

Teresa has 74 patterns posted on Ravelry and all of them are pretty cute. This pattern is actually for 4 birds, a Mom, Dad and two kids, but for the purposes of this posting I tried out the Dad pattern. 

First off, this is a really cute pattern!

The face is very sweet and overall the pattern was easy to follow. I like the idea of the exaggerated legs and the concept of the tale was good.

I think in regards to the tale something I missed something when reading the pattern as I'm pretty sure I put the tale on backwards (yikes!) and while I think the doll still looks cute, the tale stands out as 'not being quiet right.'

The pattern does have a typo when it comes to the feet. The pattern calls to chain 10, then slip stitch to make a ring (this makes the starting circle for the foot), but then you have this huge hole where the base of the foot should be. When asked the designer suggesting using a magic ring with 10 single crochet so I did this instead. You could also (chain 2, 10 single crochet in 2nd chain from hook).

Also, when crocheting around the 10sc ring for your foot, crochet only in the front loops as the back loops will be used in step two to make the leg. It doesn't clearly say this in the pattern, but it's implied when you get to the leg step.

For the legs, the pattern called for 47 rows of single crochet, I got nervous and stopped at 26 rows - I thought they were getting too long! But in retrospect, a little longer would have looked cute also.

A few items of note:

  • The full pattern was 30 pages! This is because it is 4 patterns not one. 
  • There are no page numbers. I mixed up all the pages by the end and had to search around, I suggest you write the page numbers on there before you get started just to save your sanity. 

Overall I'd say the pattern is medium difficulty, took about 8 hours, and I was happy with the results.

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