Monday, July 7, 2014

Pattern Review - Dino Bug

Pattern Review - Dino Bug

It's time for my first ever, pattern review! It's like the consumer reports of crochet patterns. The pattern and my critique is free and I swear, as non-biased as possible.

The Dino Bug pattern was written by Illanon Design and can be found on Ravelry HERE. I was making a few bugs for my mom's friend's new baby and thought this would mix well with the caterpillar and ladybug I was making. It turned out well I think. Super cute.

The pattern required the use of wire in the spikes on the head, wings and tale, but since this was for a baby, I decided not to add the wire. For the wings, I wound extra string along the middle row of single crochets to make it stiffer. They still flop a bit, but not too badly. For the tail, you start at the tip and work your way down so I left the starting string of my yarn very long and kept it in the center of the tail until I got to the bottom. Then when I sewed the tail onto the body I pull both strings tight and tied them to the body, this pulled the tail into a natural curl. It'll loosen as baby plays with it, but not too much. For the spikes on the head, I made two and sewed them together and then onto the head. This made them stiffer. But honestly, they looked kind of cute flopped over so you could just leave that way.

The hands and feet look really realistic and I weren't too difficult to make. You started at the joint and crochet down to the hands/feet, which is counter to most patterns - but it works for this one as it helps keep the hands/feet the right shape.

So overall, the pattern did create the item pictured and it was very creative. Some parts were more difficult to figure out than others (the knees!! ugh) and I think I used the wrong side of the head as the face (oops!) but overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10.

Fare warning: The pattern is written in UK lingo. Not a bad thing, but if you are used to US patterns, then translate the following in your head as you go:
DC = SC in US
TC = DC in US

Also, there a number of editorial mistakes that are easy to pick out if you've read a ton of patterns, but if you are very new to pattern reading, here are a few to look out for:
(1) Legs - Row 2 - the pattern says to (inc, dc) x 6 --> this should say (inc, dc) x3
(2) Legs - Row 3 - the pattern says inc, 9d --> this should say inc, 8dc
(3) Legs - Row 5 - the pattern says dec, 7dc --> this should say  dec, 8dc
(4) Tail - Row 10 - the pattern says inc, 3dc --> this should say inc, 2dc
(5) Tail - Row 17 - the pattern says inc, 4dc --> this should say inc, 3dc
(6) Tail - Row 23 - the pattern says inc, 5dc --> this should say inc, 4dc
(7) Tail - Row 28 - the pattern says inc, 3dc --> this should say inc, 2dc
There are a few others, but you get the gist of it.

Overall, no deal breakers. And the end result is very cute. It's too bad this little guy will be headed out to his new home tomorrow. I would have liked to keep him around for a bit.

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