Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Independence Day Shout Out 3

Independence Day Shout Out 3

It's two days before the 4th, have you made your plans? Bought food, fireworks, invited your friends? Have you found your independence day outfit?

If not, you might consider this adorable get up sold by Claudia Perkins in her shop KayasLittleBoutique. This items is listed as a photo prop, but would also be great for Halloween with an ADORABLE little suit or a multitude of holidays - veterans day, memorial day, and 4th of July!

I spoke to Claudia about her pattern and she says that the beard in the picture is made using Popcorn stitch and the rest is the Double Crochet stitch (DC). Claudia's favorite stitch is the single crochet, because you can make thousands of items from the stitch, including amigurumis (which are everyone's favorite right?!).

Only 2 days to go, keep coming to see another Independence Day inspired item.

Check out all of Claudia's cool crocheted items HERE

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