Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crochet Strength or Cleverness?

Crochet Strength or Cleverness?

Nope, nope, nope. Just stop right there ant. That's flowers and we have priority on all flowers around here.

- Get real bee and beezers. I get the leaves and the stems and I'm hungry and I'm going to eat all of this so just fly off now.

There's three of us Mr. Ant so we're three times more hungry. We get priority.

- Oh you're three times more hungry huh? You weigh one fifth of my weight which means even added up together, your combined hunger doesn't equal mine, it's less than mine.

That can't be right! Beezer One does that add up?
Beezer: I don't know man, you know I'm terrible at match.

Well, you, well we saw that flower yesterday and we claimed it, which means it's ours.

-How do you know I didn't see it yesterday? Did you put a flag on it? Did you write your name on a petal?


- Right. So I'm bigger and more hungry and I was the first one to show up to eat. AND I can lift all three of you over my head and if all three of you are over my head, then the line starts at me and I go first!

Hmf, doesn't seem fair to me.

- And your entitled to your opinions as long as you have them over there while I eat.

Brains vs Brawn
When in a battle for a prize,
Don't worry about size.
Use your wits as they're the best,
For convincing people to give you the rest.
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