Friday, July 11, 2014

Crochet Graphgans July 2014

Crochet Graphgans July 2014

A graphgan: a picture designed on graph paper that you would then crochet following the pattern. There are programs out there that you can use to convert your favorite picture to a graphgan. I've tried it, they work really well.

However, the two pictures are designed without the aid of program as I wanted them to be unique to me and my artistic ability, or lack there of.

The above one is a repeating pattern and I'm sure I messed it up as it was very very confusing (I made it extra confusing just to annoy myself) but the full pattern looks pretty cool. It kind of sucks you in.

This next one (And there is more to it, you need to download the PDF to see the whole thing) took me a while as drawing trees is not easy for me. Also, word to the wise, color the sky blue first, then add the tree. It took me forever to add the blue background after the fact (never again!).

Both are on Ravelry and the links have been permanently added to the left side link list so you can come back whenever you want to check them out. But just in case you don't see the links, you can see all 5 of my free patterns HERE
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