Friday, July 18, 2014

Angry Crochet Owl Clutch

Angry Crochet Owl Clutch

I finished my Angry Owl Clutch pattern!!! It only took me three bags to finish. The first bag was the tester. The second bag was the pattern check and the third bag was the 'did I really check the pattern?' Ya'll who make patterns know what I'm talking about. It's angry so would-be robbers will be too scared to steal your stuff. But when you open it, it's all happy like - Hi mom, did you want your wallet?


So, I made 3 bags and it took me a week or two and I can admit there may have been, possibly, maybe, slightly, but not too much, a little bit of cursing. But the end result is nice right? I think the crocodile stitch adds the certain something that makes it look that much more like an owl. That and it's fun to crochet with.

And now I want to line the bag, but I am not good with sewing machines. No really, 'not good' isn't a good description of how unskilled I am at sewing. I would rather sew the liner BY HAND than try to use the machine, but I'm going to ..... just as soon as I buy a new needle cause I broke the last one...... and some thread.

If you guys know of a good YouTube video for adding a lining shoot it to me on my Facebook page ok? I totally need help.

Ok, so just a quick shout out to my sister. She made all the beaks for my hats. AND she let me paint them and try out different colors (potters call them glazes) so that I could figure out which ones I liked. My money is on the white speckled or the brown speckled, but you can see all the options on my Facebook page and give me your 10 cents if you'd like. Ok ok, back to the shout out. My sister has an Etsy store called Carvings By G from Z Pottery where she sells these cute little figurines that she carves. [Incidentally, she has this turkey up there that I want, I mean want like a kid with a box a cookies wants milk. I just want it, so it may disappear from her site this better hurry] She also has her husband's plateware and bowls up there and yes she does wedding registries. And she PROMISES me that she'll have buttons up there just like the ones she made me very very soon. So check back next week and send her a message if they're not up yet and you need one (or three) for your very own clutch.

And why do I say that....well because my pattern is FREE to you lovely people all weekend. I do need to start charging a dollar for each download starting on Monday (my yarn stash is dwendling - cry!), but it's yours until then and I really really really really want to see pics of your finished clutches so catch me on Ravelry or Facebook and post a pic so I can check it out.

Angry Owls
Angry owls are your friend,
They're mean to everyone and they have no kin.
When you're lost in the woods, 
They'll scare you real good,
Cause that's what you deserve for getting lost looking for food.

just sayin'

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