Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Crochet Summer Camp Out

A Crochet Summer Camp Out

What to do on a warm crochet summer evening? Duh, go camping right?! Who's with me? Ah camping...a time for laughs, chills, outdoor bathrooms, and unidentifiable animal noises in the dark of night. Love it. There's a free-ness, a sense of vulnerability and yet strength that comes from being outside that just can't be rivaled or described. BUT, of course I'll try in the following Ode to Camping:

Ode to Camping
The camping spirit is a call to the woods
A need to be free from all the shoulds and woulds and sometimes coulds.

I could have cleaned the gutters, I should have take out the trash,
But I chose to go hiking and now I'm getting a rash.

I should have been nice to my sister, I would have had she not been so annoying,
But it's all for not 'cause I'm out here exploring and she's probably home doing something boring.

So here I am, in the thick of it and enjoying it
And I'm not ashamed to say, I'm glad I left you at home so you wouldn't ruin it.

There, I said it and I will continue to whisper it to only myself,
Because the woods don't tell on you and I checked and didn't see any loud mouthed elfs.

But in a few hours it'll be cold and I'll be hungry,
So I guess I should write you plus me in a tree and head home for some pie-ey.

Maybe next time we can go together, just don't go nuts and pack bug spray and tents,
If you don't go rugged you ruin the awesomeness of being wet and itchy and thinking of all the things you resent.

So next time we'll go and it'll be great,
I'll show how you to do all those things you swear you hate,
Like catch fish with live bait, and tell you while we are getting soaked in the rain that it's 'fate.'
And I'll keep you up talking really really late,
So you can't think straight the next day and then convince you to go skinny dipping in the lake,
Which doesn't rhyme, but you'll be too tired to notice and you'll let me skate. 

Oh the joys of camping, how I do love you. 
I can't wait to get back out there and capsize my canoe. 

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