Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Crochet Bunny Uprising

A Crochet Bunny Uprising

My fellow bunnies.
The days have gotten to long and hot and our numbers are dwindling.
Yes, many of you have had little bunnies, but where are they now?
Are they collecting eggs for next year? no.
Are they helping in the candy factory? no.
Are they learning to paint and hop and help the Great Easter Bunny? no.

The baby bunnies have abandoned us for summer fun and games! It's a travesty of bunnidome, of community and stick-hoppitness. The summer will soon be over and we'll be thinking to fall and the harvest. There won't be time for egg collecting. It'll be too late to make candy in time for Spring. It'll be too late!

Bring home your wee-bunnies friends! Bring home your babies and make them work! Make them practice! Or else, we'll be pulling their weight for another year.

Shelly: Oh, my. Ben's really gone off the deep end hasn't he?
John: His boys ran off to go camping.
Shelly: Well, that explains it.  
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