Monday, July 28, 2014

A Crochet Beach Day

A Crochet Beach Day

You guys are so sweet to have helped me find the lake. Let me sing you a song as a thank you.

No no, your thanks is enough.

No really, I want to. I'm going to call this

Thanks to My New Friends
New friends bring you joy,
New friends are like a shiny new toy.

New friends can clear the way when you are lost,
Can lend you money when ice cream comes at a cost.

New friends appear out of no where,
And soon you're playing games and going to the fair.

New friends are the cherry on top,
A sunny day that doesn't stop,
A thirty-foot lolly pop!

Oh new friends,
I hope our fun together never ends.

That was actually pretty nice, thanks.

Any time new friend. Come on, lets go swimming.

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