Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Shout Out 4

4th of July Shout Out 4
Libearty Bear Pattern!

Today's Shout Out is for Jocelyn Sass who runs Cute Crochet Shop - an Etsy shop which specializes in excellently cute patterns including the adorable 4th of July Libearty Bear.

Creating a crochet pattern is quite a feat because not only do you need to make something that's adorable, but do it more than once! The above pattern is primarily Single Crochet (SC) because, Jocelyn says "any other crochet stitch [and] the polyester fiberfill would peek out from between the stiches!"

Jocelyn's favorite stitch is the Single Crochet (SC), Double Crochet (DC) combo that she uses to make crochet fabric. I've used this as well to make dishcloths and it ends up looking very pretty.

As they say, a bear by anyother name woudl be bare......right?

If you like Jocelyn's patterns, check out some of her other Etsy shops and her Facebook page:

And get ready because tomorrow is GO TIME!! Happy early Fourth of July!!!!

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