Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crochet Picnic

Crochet Picnic

Well, we're all here.
That's pretty clear.

Who brought the buns?
No one.

Who brought the dogs?
I left them sitting on a log, over by that hog.
He ate them, my bad, 
sorry if that makes you sad.

Who brought drinks?
I actually left them at home, I know that stinks.

I brought the blanket.

Yeah, thank you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Three Crochet Octopii

Three Crochet Octopii

John, I know we've talked about this before, but why are we referred to as Octopii? It sounds forced.

-I don't refer to us as Octopii. I say Octopuses.

That actually sounds more weird.

I think you both sound crazy.

What do you say then?

"Hey Guys!!!"

hmm, works for me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Crochet Canoe On a Sunny Crochet Day

A Crochet Canoe On a Sunny Crochet Day

Three little chicks on the river today
They were so excited to go play
That they forgot their paddles and sun screen
Now they're stuck in the mud and they've taken on a pinkish sheen.

"Oh no!," said the one. "Guess we'll have to go home."

Three little chicks on the river today
A map in one hand they headed on their way.
But the wind blew the map into the air,
And it landed in the water and sunk, how unfair!

"Oh no!," said the second. "Guess we'll have to go home."

Three little chicks on the river today.
A map and paddles and lunch and a cooler made the canoe sway
But nothing was going to stop them
Until a hole in the canoe opened up and slowly sunk 'em. 

"Oh no!," said the third "Guess we'll have to go home."
But the first and second wouldn't come.
Climbing to the shore wet and annoyed, the first shrieked "I'm staying and playing!"
The second shook off the wet and nodded vigorously "This time I'm not caving!"

So they stayed and they played
And they had the most fun of any day.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Crochet Beach Day

A Crochet Beach Day

You guys are so sweet to have helped me find the lake. Let me sing you a song as a thank you.

No no, your thanks is enough.

No really, I want to. I'm going to call this

Thanks to My New Friends
New friends bring you joy,
New friends are like a shiny new toy.

New friends can clear the way when you are lost,
Can lend you money when ice cream comes at a cost.

New friends appear out of no where,
And soon you're playing games and going to the fair.

New friends are the cherry on top,
A sunny day that doesn't stop,
A thirty-foot lolly pop!

Oh new friends,
I hope our fun together never ends.

That was actually pretty nice, thanks.

Any time new friend. Come on, lets go swimming.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Crochet Beach is This Way

The Crochet Beach is This Way

Heya! Are you guys headed to the beach? We are, you should go with us!

Um, well, we are going to the beach.

Yeah! Ok, so do you know where it is? We've been looking for hours.

<smirking> Come on short stuff, follow us.


[You know what this means....beach time next week! Have fun in the sun this weekend!]

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Crochet Bunny Uprising

A Crochet Bunny Uprising

My fellow bunnies.
The days have gotten to long and hot and our numbers are dwindling.
Yes, many of you have had little bunnies, but where are they now?
Are they collecting eggs for next year? no.
Are they helping in the candy factory? no.
Are they learning to paint and hop and help the Great Easter Bunny? no.

The baby bunnies have abandoned us for summer fun and games! It's a travesty of bunnidome, of community and stick-hoppitness. The summer will soon be over and we'll be thinking to fall and the harvest. There won't be time for egg collecting. It'll be too late to make candy in time for Spring. It'll be too late!

Bring home your wee-bunnies friends! Bring home your babies and make them work! Make them practice! Or else, we'll be pulling their weight for another year.

Shelly: Oh, my. Ben's really gone off the deep end hasn't he?
John: His boys ran off to go camping.
Shelly: Well, that explains it.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Crochet Race to the Finish

A Crochet Race to the Finish

Yes, a turtle is in the race,
But that doesn't mean he'll get first place.
There's a bunny too, 
But he's no fool.
The mouse monster is fast and low to the ground,
He can slip under branches and swim any streams that are found.
The pig tried really hard,
But got a red card.
He tripped the puppy and tried to bite the ant,
He'll be sitting out the next 3 races and a note was sent to his uncle Grant.

So it's a win for the mouse monster, the most purple of the bunch.
Now it's off to the mess for some cookies and punch.

[Who saw that coming right? Mouse monster, what will she think of next.]

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crochet is Spectator Sport

Crochet is Spectator Sport

I really thought the chicks would win.
They have no feet.

Yeah, but there are three of them and..
They have no feet.

Yes, yes, but there are three of them.
How much does a pig weigh?

That's not a polite question to ask. 
I refuse to continue talking to you. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Baby Crochet Chicks Can't Pull Their Weight

Some Baby Crochet Chicks Can't Pull Their Weight

On one, and two, go three! 
Pull with me!!

No, no - pigs, ho
Pull as we go.

Dig your beaks into it lads, 
Soon they'll fail and we'll be glad.

Pigs are the best, 
Let's prove it to the rest.

Someone's not pulling there weight,
We're nearing our fate.

Dig in your heels and pull with all your might,
I feel they've lost their fight.

No, not the mud and dirt!
I wish I'd warn a shirt.

Haha, we've won!
They were many but couldn't get it done.

We'll get you next time and we'll bring all our friends,
But for now you're the winner and that's just how it ends.

Nah, come on, let's go make some s'mores

Hurray! The pigs are good winners and we're happy to the core!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Angry Crochet Owl Clutch

Angry Crochet Owl Clutch

I finished my Angry Owl Clutch pattern!!! It only took me three bags to finish. The first bag was the tester. The second bag was the pattern check and the third bag was the 'did I really check the pattern?' Ya'll who make patterns know what I'm talking about. It's angry so would-be robbers will be too scared to steal your stuff. But when you open it, it's all happy like - Hi mom, did you want your wallet?


So, I made 3 bags and it took me a week or two and I can admit there may have been, possibly, maybe, slightly, but not too much, a little bit of cursing. But the end result is nice right? I think the crocodile stitch adds the certain something that makes it look that much more like an owl. That and it's fun to crochet with.

And now I want to line the bag, but I am not good with sewing machines. No really, 'not good' isn't a good description of how unskilled I am at sewing. I would rather sew the liner BY HAND than try to use the machine, but I'm going to ..... just as soon as I buy a new needle cause I broke the last one...... and some thread.

If you guys know of a good YouTube video for adding a lining shoot it to me on my Facebook page ok? I totally need help.

Ok, so just a quick shout out to my sister. She made all the beaks for my hats. AND she let me paint them and try out different colors (potters call them glazes) so that I could figure out which ones I liked. My money is on the white speckled or the brown speckled, but you can see all the options on my Facebook page and give me your 10 cents if you'd like. Ok ok, back to the shout out. My sister has an Etsy store called Carvings By G from Z Pottery where she sells these cute little figurines that she carves. [Incidentally, she has this turkey up there that I want, I mean want like a kid with a box a cookies wants milk. I just want it, so it may disappear from her site this better hurry] She also has her husband's plateware and bowls up there and yes she does wedding registries. And she PROMISES me that she'll have buttons up there just like the ones she made me very very soon. So check back next week and send her a message if they're not up yet and you need one (or three) for your very own clutch.

And why do I say that....well because my pattern is FREE to you lovely people all weekend. I do need to start charging a dollar for each download starting on Monday (my yarn stash is dwendling - cry!), but it's yours until then and I really really really really want to see pics of your finished clutches so catch me on Ravelry or Facebook and post a pic so I can check it out.

Angry Owls
Angry owls are your friend,
They're mean to everyone and they have no kin.
When you're lost in the woods, 
They'll scare you real good,
Cause that's what you deserve for getting lost looking for food.

just sayin'

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Crochet Summer Camp Out

A Crochet Summer Camp Out

What to do on a warm crochet summer evening? Duh, go camping right?! Who's with me? Ah camping...a time for laughs, chills, outdoor bathrooms, and unidentifiable animal noises in the dark of night. Love it. There's a free-ness, a sense of vulnerability and yet strength that comes from being outside that just can't be rivaled or described. BUT, of course I'll try in the following Ode to Camping:

Ode to Camping
The camping spirit is a call to the woods
A need to be free from all the shoulds and woulds and sometimes coulds.

I could have cleaned the gutters, I should have take out the trash,
But I chose to go hiking and now I'm getting a rash.

I should have been nice to my sister, I would have had she not been so annoying,
But it's all for not 'cause I'm out here exploring and she's probably home doing something boring.

So here I am, in the thick of it and enjoying it
And I'm not ashamed to say, I'm glad I left you at home so you wouldn't ruin it.

There, I said it and I will continue to whisper it to only myself,
Because the woods don't tell on you and I checked and didn't see any loud mouthed elfs.

But in a few hours it'll be cold and I'll be hungry,
So I guess I should write you plus me in a tree and head home for some pie-ey.

Maybe next time we can go together, just don't go nuts and pack bug spray and tents,
If you don't go rugged you ruin the awesomeness of being wet and itchy and thinking of all the things you resent.

So next time we'll go and it'll be great,
I'll show how you to do all those things you swear you hate,
Like catch fish with live bait, and tell you while we are getting soaked in the rain that it's 'fate.'
And I'll keep you up talking really really late,
So you can't think straight the next day and then convince you to go skinny dipping in the lake,
Which doesn't rhyme, but you'll be too tired to notice and you'll let me skate. 

Oh the joys of camping, how I do love you. 
I can't wait to get back out there and capsize my canoe. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Which Side is My Best Side in Crochet?

Which Side is My Best Side in Crochet?

Move to the right.

- Here? Make sure this is my good side? I know one side of me looks better than the other side.

You look great. Try to move a smidge forward and tip your head slightly counter clockwise?

- Which way? Oh and do I have any dirt on my coat? I'd hat to have dirt on me in the picture.

Tip the top of your head to the right and the bottom of your head to the left.

- Ok, ok.

No, no. The other way.

- You know you're offly bossy.

Listen, you asked me to take the picture right? I don't even know you, but I'm not taking a bad picture. I have standards.

- Well, I guess I should be happy for that.

Now turn your left foot slightly......

[Lesson learned, sometimes you can't ask for less than perfection. Especially when dealing with dragons.]

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Crochet Strength or Cleverness?

Crochet Strength or Cleverness?

Nope, nope, nope. Just stop right there ant. That's flowers and we have priority on all flowers around here.

- Get real bee and beezers. I get the leaves and the stems and I'm hungry and I'm going to eat all of this so just fly off now.

There's three of us Mr. Ant so we're three times more hungry. We get priority.

- Oh you're three times more hungry huh? You weigh one fifth of my weight which means even added up together, your combined hunger doesn't equal mine, it's less than mine.

That can't be right! Beezer One does that add up?
Beezer: I don't know man, you know I'm terrible at match.

Well, you, well we saw that flower yesterday and we claimed it, which means it's ours.

-How do you know I didn't see it yesterday? Did you put a flag on it? Did you write your name on a petal?


- Right. So I'm bigger and more hungry and I was the first one to show up to eat. AND I can lift all three of you over my head and if all three of you are over my head, then the line starts at me and I go first!

Hmf, doesn't seem fair to me.

- And your entitled to your opinions as long as you have them over there while I eat.

Brains vs Brawn
When in a battle for a prize,
Don't worry about size.
Use your wits as they're the best,
For convincing people to give you the rest.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crochet Forest

Crochet Forest

Mike! Isn't this great?

-Yeah, when did this happen?

It feels like overnight. And the trees taste so good. Like butter.

-How'd I know you'd have already tasted all the trees.

The trees, the grass, heck, I ate half the flowers! I'd eat the sky, but you know - it's hard to get a hold of air.

-It's just so slippery.


Ode to Plants
Leaves and grass so green and shiny,
I love to nibble and crunch the needles so tiny.
I would pay a million dollars and do a million chores,
For a bite of ivy and some mistletoes.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Crochet Graphgans July 2014

Crochet Graphgans July 2014

A graphgan: a picture designed on graph paper that you would then crochet following the pattern. There are programs out there that you can use to convert your favorite picture to a graphgan. I've tried it, they work really well.

However, the two pictures are designed without the aid of program as I wanted them to be unique to me and my artistic ability, or lack there of.

The above one is a repeating pattern and I'm sure I messed it up as it was very very confusing (I made it extra confusing just to annoy myself) but the full pattern looks pretty cool. It kind of sucks you in.

This next one (And there is more to it, you need to download the PDF to see the whole thing) took me a while as drawing trees is not easy for me. Also, word to the wise, color the sky blue first, then add the tree. It took me forever to add the blue background after the fact (never again!).

Both are on Ravelry and the links have been permanently added to the left side link list so you can come back whenever you want to check them out. But just in case you don't see the links, you can see all 5 of my free patterns HERE

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Have a Little Crochet Faith

Have a Little Crochet Faith

Wilbur, do you think the ice cream truck is coming today?

- The ice cream truck doesn't come by here any more, there apparently was an incident involving the Atlantic Land Octopus and an all-you-can-carry promotion.

That sounds so wonderful. I hope he comes tomorrow.

- No, he's not coming any more.

But he has to come, I've been waiting on the corner. Maybe if you wait on the corner too... Won't you Wilbur?

- I really don't think that's going to work.


- Yeah, ok. And after that I'll take you out for ice cream.

That sounds great. Meet me at noon ok?

- Ok.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Crochet Lady and a Flying Dragon

A Crochet Lady and a Flying Dragon

Lady, when are you going to start cleaning up around here?

- I don't clean, I gently relocate items that offend me.

You mean you kick debris out of your way when you walk? That's really not an effective way to get rid of trash.

- You call it tomatoes... Which reminds me, when is dinner? I thought you were cooking.

You're a lost cause.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Crochet Ladybug Dream

A Crochet Ladybug Dream

Well, hello ladies and gents. My name is Petunia and I am the Lady of Crochet Valley. It's not an official title mind you, just something I like to be called. I live over yonder in the small patch of flowers by the big bush. You can't miss it, there's a big box painted purple a few feet away.

So what brings you by? Were you hoping to meet me? If so, I'm very happy to make your acquaintance. Did you perhaps bring me a gift? No? Ok, well maybe next time.

I was just thinking how nice it would be to have visitors and here you are to entertain me. We just had a huge celebration here and it was like everyone was celebrating me. Did you see it? What a wonderful tribute don't you think? The blue didn't make much sense, but the red and white was obviously in my honor. Perhaps they were envisioning me flying through the bright blue sky? That must be it.

Perhaps you can stay for a spell and tell me about all the things that made you come to visit me today? Great, let me just get comfortable...

[This is my newest pattern, what do you think? I looked through a lot of pictures before I attempted this one, I think it looks pretty good, but feel free to provide your 2 cents - be NICE!! lol]

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pattern Review - Dino Bug

Pattern Review - Dino Bug

It's time for my first ever, pattern review! It's like the consumer reports of crochet patterns. The pattern and my critique is free and I swear, as non-biased as possible.

The Dino Bug pattern was written by Illanon Design and can be found on Ravelry HERE. I was making a few bugs for my mom's friend's new baby and thought this would mix well with the caterpillar and ladybug I was making. It turned out well I think. Super cute.

The pattern required the use of wire in the spikes on the head, wings and tale, but since this was for a baby, I decided not to add the wire. For the wings, I wound extra string along the middle row of single crochets to make it stiffer. They still flop a bit, but not too badly. For the tail, you start at the tip and work your way down so I left the starting string of my yarn very long and kept it in the center of the tail until I got to the bottom. Then when I sewed the tail onto the body I pull both strings tight and tied them to the body, this pulled the tail into a natural curl. It'll loosen as baby plays with it, but not too much. For the spikes on the head, I made two and sewed them together and then onto the head. This made them stiffer. But honestly, they looked kind of cute flopped over so you could just leave that way.

The hands and feet look really realistic and I weren't too difficult to make. You started at the joint and crochet down to the hands/feet, which is counter to most patterns - but it works for this one as it helps keep the hands/feet the right shape.

So overall, the pattern did create the item pictured and it was very creative. Some parts were more difficult to figure out than others (the knees!! ugh) and I think I used the wrong side of the head as the face (oops!) but overall I'd give this an 8 out of 10.

Fare warning: The pattern is written in UK lingo. Not a bad thing, but if you are used to US patterns, then translate the following in your head as you go:
DC = SC in US
TC = DC in US

Also, there a number of editorial mistakes that are easy to pick out if you've read a ton of patterns, but if you are very new to pattern reading, here are a few to look out for:
(1) Legs - Row 2 - the pattern says to (inc, dc) x 6 --> this should say (inc, dc) x3
(2) Legs - Row 3 - the pattern says inc, 9d --> this should say inc, 8dc
(3) Legs - Row 5 - the pattern says dec, 7dc --> this should say  dec, 8dc
(4) Tail - Row 10 - the pattern says inc, 3dc --> this should say inc, 2dc
(5) Tail - Row 17 - the pattern says inc, 4dc --> this should say inc, 3dc
(6) Tail - Row 23 - the pattern says inc, 5dc --> this should say inc, 4dc
(7) Tail - Row 28 - the pattern says inc, 3dc --> this should say inc, 2dc
There are a few others, but you get the gist of it.

Overall, no deal breakers. And the end result is very cute. It's too bad this little guy will be headed out to his new home tomorrow. I would have liked to keep him around for a bit.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!!

Independence Day Shout Out

What can I say other than....Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone reading this is with family and is eating potato salad and rice crispy squares (or something similar).

And a patriotic last posting for this week's Fourth of July Crochet Shout Outs. The honors go to Ms. Lynda Knowlton who runs Crazy Yarn Lady Lynda. Her shop can be found HERE on Etsy. Pictured above are Lynda's crochet crocodile stitch purses. Lynda makes a number of different purses as well as baby dresses, hats and few other excellent items.

Right now Lynda is in love with crocodile stitch, which is what she used to make the flaps on the purses. I have to admit, I really like the crocodile stitch as well. It is very creative and once you get the hang of it, you can make a lot of different things like....purses! Dolls! Cozies!

So on this wonderful (and most likely hot hot hot) Fourth of July, have a merry day, a happy night and a joyful celebration.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Shout Out 4

4th of July Shout Out 4
Libearty Bear Pattern!

Today's Shout Out is for Jocelyn Sass who runs Cute Crochet Shop - an Etsy shop which specializes in excellently cute patterns including the adorable 4th of July Libearty Bear.

Creating a crochet pattern is quite a feat because not only do you need to make something that's adorable, but do it more than once! The above pattern is primarily Single Crochet (SC) because, Jocelyn says "any other crochet stitch [and] the polyester fiberfill would peek out from between the stiches!"

Jocelyn's favorite stitch is the Single Crochet (SC), Double Crochet (DC) combo that she uses to make crochet fabric. I've used this as well to make dishcloths and it ends up looking very pretty.

As they say, a bear by anyother name woudl be bare......right?

If you like Jocelyn's patterns, check out some of her other Etsy shops and her Facebook page:

And get ready because tomorrow is GO TIME!! Happy early Fourth of July!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Independence Day Shout Out 3

Independence Day Shout Out 3

It's two days before the 4th, have you made your plans? Bought food, fireworks, invited your friends? Have you found your independence day outfit?

If not, you might consider this adorable get up sold by Claudia Perkins in her shop KayasLittleBoutique. This items is listed as a photo prop, but would also be great for Halloween with an ADORABLE little suit or a multitude of holidays - veterans day, memorial day, and 4th of July!

I spoke to Claudia about her pattern and she says that the beard in the picture is made using Popcorn stitch and the rest is the Double Crochet stitch (DC). Claudia's favorite stitch is the single crochet, because you can make thousands of items from the stitch, including amigurumis (which are everyone's favorite right?!).

Only 2 days to go, keep coming to see another Independence Day inspired item.

Check out all of Claudia's cool crocheted items HERE

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July Shout Outs 2

Fourth of July Shout Outs - Crochet Sandals!

Going on to our second day of Fourth of July celebration, here is a very cute pair of crocheted sandals made by Crochetforkids1828.

I spoke to Whitney Young at Crochetforkids1828 about her pattern and she confirmed that the pattern was made using slip stitch (Sl St), half double crochet (HDC), and single crochet (SC). While many of the items for sale in her shop are made using these stitches, Whitney's favorite stitch is the shell stitch. It's made from double crochet stitches and looks really lovely.

If you're interested in learning how to crochet the shell stitch,
HERE is the tutorial for the basic pattern
HERE is the tutorial for the interweaved shell stitch

And if you have a spare moment, check out Whitney's Facebook page and see what she's up to:
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