Monday, June 23, 2014

The Crochet Pig that was King

The Crochet Pig that was King

Back in the day when everyone was buying real estate for loads of money I saw the righting on the wall. Houses were selling for tons each week and in less than 2 days, so needed to move quickly if I was going to get me one of those houses.

I moved on this place as soon as I could, and spent a fine penny doing it, but look at me now. I've got my own mud patch, three square meals of left overs of other people's meals a day, and a nice swine girlfriend. Top of the word I tell ya, top of the world.

Ok, Ok. Sure, I don't own the place - I did own it once, but couldn't pay the mortgage when the bubble burst and then the bank took it away and sold it. But I snuck back in in the middle of the night while everyone was out of town, so I do live here.

Ok, so I don't actually live here, I show up every morning to work in the garden as a tour guide. I like telling the kiddos all about the flowers and plants and vegetable patch. They get a kick out of a cute pig like me leading them around and talking to them.

Ok, ok, so I don't actually work here. I just pretend to work here so that I can sneak food from the garden.

So the real estate bubble was a bit of a disaster for me, but I have food, I have mud, I don't really have a girlfriend, but I know a girl. It's all looking up for me.

[Picture taken at Rose Hill Manor Park and Children's Museum in Frederick, MD. This place is great for kids - lots of toys to play with and the grounds are beautiful.] 
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