Monday, June 2, 2014

Does Crochet and Fire Mix?

Does Crochet and Fire Mix?

Where did that Gerry go?

Not sure, I saw him last night, but he wasn't with us when I woke up this morning. He must have gone home.
Are you sure? Maybe we should call and double check.

No no, I'm sure he's fine.
Still, I think I'll call.

What if he has someone over!!? No, he's supposed to come over later, we'll just wait and see if he shows up.
But he could be sick, I'll give him a quick ring, just to make sure and then we can head off to breakfast.

No, seriously. I'm sure he's fine. Let's just go.
................(staring thoughtfully) What aren't you telling me?

It's not a big deal. tell me.

I kind of, well this is hard to say....I may have perhaps, ok, it's possible that I...

Fine! I bet him I could beat him to the other side of the patio, but I tripped and then he tripped on me and we both fell, but he hit his head and it started bleeding and then Jack started crying and then Cecelia showed up and yelled at us and then took Gerry to the hospital.

You .... I have no words. 
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