Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crochet Wednesdays Always Feel Like a Race

Crochet Wednesdays Always Feel Like a Race

Better hurry up and finish,
That owl's gonna win and eat all the spinach.

No, no, don't cheat!
If you do, the judge will glue frowny faces to your feet.

Run run, don't stop,
Get that work done before you flop.

The end of the week is coming, you're half way there.
Hold it together man, soon it'll be Friday and then you won't care.

So that guy stole your lunch and that lady keeps staring,
She's keeping a log of your comings and goings but it's worth baring.

Soon it'll be Friday and we all have plans,
To act crazy and go swimming and kick cans.

Are you going to meet us? Over by our favorite place?
To eat popcorn and soda and scream out into space?

Two days to go, just run,
And soon it'll be time for fun.
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