Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crochet Tuesdays are For Thinking About Last Friday

Crochet Tuesdays are For Thinking About Last Friday

So Cecelia had to take you to the hospital.
10 stitches! Positive note, we both like pancakes, so she took me after I got out of the hospital.

That's great man. Are you guys dating now or something?
Not really. She doesn't like eating flowers and grass and leaves and bushes and bark and food from the kitchen and paper and ...well, you know. But you never know, maybe I could introduce her to the awesomeness of dandelions at dawn. You should have seen her yelling at Mike, all because he fell and tripped me.

I've never seen her even get mad, so that would've been cool.
Yeah, strong women, totally awesome. I wish there were more of them.

What makes them Strong?
Well, knowing when I'm being an idiot and telling me so, that's pretty impressive.

mmmm, you are an idiot a lot (smirking)
Thanks man, I love you too.
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