Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Crochet Party Planning Committee

A Crochet Party Planning Committee

Ok guys, we have a week to get the planning finished. Tell me what you've done so far.

I called and invited everyone over.
I figured out where we should set off the fireworks.

Ok great, so what's the plan for food?
I thought you were on food?
Yeah, we kind of thought you'd do it.

Ooookay, I'll get the food. Which one of you is getting the fireworks and the drinks?
You see, it's like this.

What going on with you guys!??
Mike you know we're unreliable.
Yeah, and I have no job.

Right, ok, the town parade and fireworks it is. You guys call everyone and let them know.
Awwww! Do we have to?
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