Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Shout Outs 1

Celebrating 4th of July  

A Week of Adventure - Day One

Good morning everyone!! This week we are celebrating the US holiday of 4th of July. A little history via Wikipedia:

"Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain (now officially known as theUnited Kingdom)."

And in honor of 4th of July, I will be posting pictures of 4th of July themed gifts available from my fellow crocheters on Etsy. 

The above photo is of adorable 4th of July snails all set for some fireworks and a party. The pattern for these little guys is sold by Michal Kadari in her shop titled "Amichy." Michal loves to crochet and has a number of completely wonderful patterns for sale in her store. Michal knows many different stitches, but says that her favorite is the single crochet stitch. Michal says "you can create hundreds of different toys using just one basic [single crochet] stitch." 

They slither in the mud, 
They fall from walls and go thud.
They like to party and have fun,
So crochet a few and when you're done,
Bring them with you for the parade!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Crochet Fridays are the Best Day!

Crochet Fridays are the Best Day!

On crochet Fridays we get to relax.
On crochet Fridays we get to sit back.
On crochet Fridays we can go to the beach and unpack,
On crochet Fridays those ocean waves will be under attack.
On crochet Fridays work buys us bagels and snacks,
On crochet Fridays I get to wear all black.

I love crochet Fridays (and snacks)

[I thought the snacks comment needed repeating]

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Crochet Party Planning Committee

A Crochet Party Planning Committee

Ok guys, we have a week to get the planning finished. Tell me what you've done so far.

I called and invited everyone over.
I figured out where we should set off the fireworks.

Ok great, so what's the plan for food?
I thought you were on food?
Yeah, we kind of thought you'd do it.

Ooookay, I'll get the food. Which one of you is getting the fireworks and the drinks?
You see, it's like this.

What going on with you guys!??
Mike you know we're unreliable.
Yeah, and I have no job.

Right, ok, the town parade and fireworks it is. You guys call everyone and let them know.
Awwww! Do we have to?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What did the Crochet Caterpillar Say?

What did the Crochet Caterpillar Say?

When you come upon a caterpillar, don't waste his time.
Tell him what you're thinking and try to be kind.
A caterpillar will listen and give good advice,
But if you are mean you won't get advice you like. 

In a field in the sun a caterpillar plays,
They relax and they warm up in the day's sunny rays.
So search out the fields and look for a sunny spot,
The caterpillar will be waiting for you and will help you out a lot.

[Who can come up with the next verse? Post it to my Facebook page!]

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Crochet Pig that was King

The Crochet Pig that was King

Back in the day when everyone was buying real estate for loads of money I saw the righting on the wall. Houses were selling for tons each week and in less than 2 days, so needed to move quickly if I was going to get me one of those houses.

I moved on this place as soon as I could, and spent a fine penny doing it, but look at me now. I've got my own mud patch, three square meals of left overs of other people's meals a day, and a nice swine girlfriend. Top of the word I tell ya, top of the world.

Ok, Ok. Sure, I don't own the place - I did own it once, but couldn't pay the mortgage when the bubble burst and then the bank took it away and sold it. But I snuck back in in the middle of the night while everyone was out of town, so I do live here.

Ok, so I don't actually live here, I show up every morning to work in the garden as a tour guide. I like telling the kiddos all about the flowers and plants and vegetable patch. They get a kick out of a cute pig like me leading them around and talking to them.

Ok, ok, so I don't actually work here. I just pretend to work here so that I can sneak food from the garden.

So the real estate bubble was a bit of a disaster for me, but I have food, I have mud, I don't really have a girlfriend, but I know a girl. It's all looking up for me.

[Picture taken at Rose Hill Manor Park and Children's Museum in Frederick, MD. This place is great for kids - lots of toys to play with and the grounds are beautiful.] 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Can't We All Be Crochet Friends?

Can't We All Be Crochet Friends?

I've been picking on the owls, I admit it.
I was jealous of their awesomeness and was a critic.

But now I'm learning to stop being mean,
Bullying isn't nice and I was making a scene.

The owls are nice birds and pretty good friends,
Their hooting is pretty, way better than hens.

I'm not picking on chickens I swear!
They are also somewhat nice and better than bears.

Oh shucks, this is harder than I thought,
At least I gave it a shot!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crochet Owls Stick Together

Crochet Owls Stick Together

Ben the Owl:
Ok, before you start thinking we're super coordinated. We're stuck here. No really. We're stuck. Kyle heard about the whole 'owls are suspicious' thing and thought it would be so brilliant for all of us to line up here to freak you out thinking we're all magical and stuff. But then we got up here and had a friend take some pictures and when we tried to get down, no luck.

I'm not kidding, there is something stuck to our back and we can't get down. It's rather painful. Maybe you can call a fire truck.

Stop laughing! This is not funny, we are stuck, we haven't moved for hours, my wings are starting to hurt and mike's right foot is now twitching and kicking me right in the head.

Why are you doubled over, are you in pain you feel so bad for us? I can't see your face. Mike! What is she doing, is calling the fire department?

I think she's taking a picture with her phone.

Ben the Owl:
Oh it's on now people of Earth. No more mister nice owl.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Crochet Owls are Looking Over Your Shoulder

The Crochet Owls are Looking Over Your Shoulder

They'll be hiding in the bushes,
They'll be hiding in the trees,
They'll be sneaking up behind you,
Just as quite as they please.

They'll yell really loud,
And around you they will crowd,
Then they'll hoot 80s music,
Until you yell "I love 80s and I'm proud!"

They'll wake you up by jumping on your bed,
They'll talk you into breakfast just so they can get fed.
They'll use up all the hot water playing in the bath,
Then invite over that annoying neighbor named Ned.

They are the Owls. Fear the Owls. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Owls Should be the Most Feared

Owls Should be the Most Feared

They wake up at dawn,
And they sit on your lawn.

They worship the night,
But they like when it's bright.

They eat all the rats,
But they're afraid of cats.


The mighty owls.

They chant as a group,
They make pellets with poop.

They hoot in the night,
They rarely fight.

They work together to observe us,
And soon they will conquer us.


The mighty owls. 

They have big round eyes,
They have even rounder thighs.

They have pointy ouchy beaks,
They are not weak.

They will make us feel comfortable,
But their sneakiness will be ungovernable.


The mighty owls.

Get ready to run,
Or be under their thumb.

Hide whatever knowledge you possess,
Or they'll steal it like your sister stole your red dress. 

Do not trust the owls, 
They are up to something foul.

The mighty owls.

[Just sayin', owls always seem like they're up to something. They're all looking around all the time, watching their back, you, the trees, the wildlife. Can't trust it.]

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Crochet Rulers of the Crochet Galaxy

The Crochet Rulers of the Crochet Galaxy

Little known fact, Owls are the rulers of the galaxy.
I know, it seems far fetched, but hear me out. They always seem to be watching us, they hide during the day, they're known for their great wisdom and oh yeah, they can fly.

Seriously? That didn't convince you. Well obviously, you're a Rulers of the Galaxy deny-er. There's no talking to you.

For the rest of you, I have confidence that you came to the same conclusion and me - Owls should be feared above all else.

It's time we started keeping track of these terrifying and yet intriguing animals. That's why I'm asking my loyal crochet humor followers to post to the Crochet By Karin Facebook page this week with pictures of the elusive, terrifying, Rulers of the Galaxy - the Owls.

Have a good week everyone. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Blossom for a Crochet Dragon

A Blossom for a Crochet Dragon

Blossom, my sweet blossom.
Today is Friday which is awesome,
But it also means that I must leave you.
Which is sad and too bad because we have so much left to do.
I know! I know, it will be sad to part.
But remember the time we spent together and take heart.
I'll be thinking of the time I smelled your sweet scent.
I'll remember the time I fell and under your bloom found a lovely 25 cents.
I'll remember the time I ran around in the rain in my boots
And then tripped and fell and knocked my head on your roots.
And sweet bloom, sweet blossom, sweet friend and companion,
I'll remember the day I wouldn't stop talking and you called me random.

Bye sweet flower, good bye my friend.
I'll see you next spring when the winter comes to an end.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's a Pile-It-On Kind of Thursday

It's a Pile-It-On Kind of Thursday

What's one more, just ONE more, bring on one more.
So I'm tired to the core, what's one more.

These kids need fun, these kids need play.
It's summer so let's have a holiday.

What's one more, just ONE more, bring on one more.
So I'm tired to the bone, and I'm stuck on the phone.

My customers need answers, my boss need reports.
I wish I was with my kids building forts.

What's one more, just ONE more, bring on one more.
So I'm tired to the end, and I don't have a friend.

I'm going on vacation, and I'm going to play
Thank goodness I made time to take a holiday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crochet Wednesday Can Be a Struggle

Crochet Wednesday Can Be a Struggle

One foot in front of the other.
I can do it. I know I can do it.
Just need a little more strength... a little more ....

Oh come on! Why does this tree have to be so tall!? Why can't I eat the leaves down on the lower branches!?

Oh you know why Earl. Because the leaves on the lower branches don't taste good, that's why. And you're too spoiled. You hear that!? Spoiled. So get your butt up this tree so I can eat.

[If Earl can do it, we can do it. Let's go people, only 3 days till FRIDAY! Woot!]

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Making New Crochet Friends

Making New Crochet Friends

Hi guys, I'm AL, nice to meet you.

I'm AL. I'm a mouse monster. You know, half mouse, half monster. I'm my own bump in the night.

Oh gosh. You've never heard of me. How embarrassing. Have you perhaps heard of my dad, the deer monster?

The deer monster. He dashes out into oncoming traffic and then dives over the first car to come along. It's such a hoot.

That's right! Well, it was nice meeting you guys!

Monday, June 9, 2014

When Crochet Monday Rolls Around

When Crochet Monday Rolls Around

Did you spend the whole weekend in this field?
Me? Noooo, I went home, but then I thought maybe you'd remember and head out later to meet me so I came back.

Why didn't you call?
I don't get really good shell-reception.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Crochet Friday

Crochet Friday

Fridays are my days
To be with friends and play
To sashay
In the fray
To be away
and do things my way.

Fridays are my days 
To be out on display
Around midday

They seem a bit lonely today.
My friends were going to meet me but I seem estray
I may be too far away
They said by the freeway
Or was it driveway?

[Remember to double check your communiques before leaving the house and bring water! You never know...]

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Crochet Thursdays are a Bit Hard to Take

Crochet Thursdays are a Bit Hard to Take

Yo yo, how's it guys?
Bud, why are you talking like that?

Don't be hatin', this is the new me.
I hate it, stop doing that.

Guys!! Come on, I can't take the monotony, I need something different!
Have you tried printing in a  different color? Does wonders for me.

[For a splash of fun, try signing your emails a bit differently - Warmly, Keenly, Blankly, Gaily, Bluntly, Clumsily, Crazily,  Blessedly, Cutely, Darkly, Gaudily, Momentously, Omnipresently, Periodically, Unabashedly Yours - Crochet By Karin]

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crochet Wednesdays Always Feel Like a Race

Crochet Wednesdays Always Feel Like a Race

Better hurry up and finish,
That owl's gonna win and eat all the spinach.

No, no, don't cheat!
If you do, the judge will glue frowny faces to your feet.

Run run, don't stop,
Get that work done before you flop.

The end of the week is coming, you're half way there.
Hold it together man, soon it'll be Friday and then you won't care.

So that guy stole your lunch and that lady keeps staring,
She's keeping a log of your comings and goings but it's worth baring.

Soon it'll be Friday and we all have plans,
To act crazy and go swimming and kick cans.

Are you going to meet us? Over by our favorite place?
To eat popcorn and soda and scream out into space?

Two days to go, just run,
And soon it'll be time for fun.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crochet Tuesdays are For Thinking About Last Friday

Crochet Tuesdays are For Thinking About Last Friday

So Cecelia had to take you to the hospital.
10 stitches! Positive note, we both like pancakes, so she took me after I got out of the hospital.

That's great man. Are you guys dating now or something?
Not really. She doesn't like eating flowers and grass and leaves and bushes and bark and food from the kitchen and paper and ...well, you know. But you never know, maybe I could introduce her to the awesomeness of dandelions at dawn. You should have seen her yelling at Mike, all because he fell and tripped me.

I've never seen her even get mad, so that would've been cool.
Yeah, strong women, totally awesome. I wish there were more of them.

What makes them Strong?
Well, knowing when I'm being an idiot and telling me so, that's pretty impressive.

mmmm, you are an idiot a lot (smirking)
Thanks man, I love you too.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Does Crochet and Fire Mix?

Does Crochet and Fire Mix?

Where did that Gerry go?

Not sure, I saw him last night, but he wasn't with us when I woke up this morning. He must have gone home.
Are you sure? Maybe we should call and double check.

No no, I'm sure he's fine.
Still, I think I'll call.

What if he has someone over!!? No, he's supposed to come over later, we'll just wait and see if he shows up.
But he could be sick, I'll give him a quick ring, just to make sure and then we can head off to breakfast.

No, seriously. I'm sure he's fine. Let's just go.
................(staring thoughtfully) What aren't you telling me?

It's not a big deal. tell me.

I kind of, well this is hard to say....I may have perhaps, ok, it's possible that I...

Fine! I bet him I could beat him to the other side of the patio, but I tripped and then he tripped on me and we both fell, but he hit his head and it started bleeding and then Jack started crying and then Cecelia showed up and yelled at us and then took Gerry to the hospital.

You .... I have no words. 
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