Friday, May 30, 2014

Where There's Water There's a Crochet Fish

Where There's Water There's a Crochet Fish

Hey Shorty! How's it going man? Long time no see.
Hi Carl. Yeah, it's been a long year. But finally I'm free.

Where have you been? Some little boy or girl capture you?
Yes! How'd you guess?

I think it was the bit of ribbon stuck to your shell.
Oh yeah, she dressed me up. It was swell.

And is that a four drawn in nail polish?
Her brother. He made me feel quite foolish.

What did he do?
He made me race around a track and practice Kung Fu.

No way!?
So true!!

Wow, Shorty, I'm so sorry. I wish I'd known.
It's all good, I'm home and ready to roam.

So what brings you to the well?
I'm here to see the fish, I was hoping to stay here a spell.

He's gone I'm afraid, I've been looking all day.
Poor guy, I hope some little child didn't grab him up for a bit of play.

I'll hope for the best, but until he returns you might as well rest.
Yes, I'm sure he wouldn't mind, if I hung out in his well for a time.

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