Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two By Tree Crochet Me

Two By Tree Crochet Me

Two itty bitty tweeters.
Hanging by some feeders.

One is named George, the other Beth.
They're both owls, but you'd never guess.

George crows like a rooster, Beth clucks like a chicken.
And it's one silly state they're both stuck in.

George climbed up to crow this morning,
Beth climbed up because to stay behind would be boring.

George couldn't crow very loud so Beth lifted him up,
But unfortunately, Beth caught a feather on a thorn and now they're both stuck.

Help is on its way, but not till tonight,
When Beth's dad gets home from his 5 hour flight.

So the two of them sit, two on a twig,
Thinking of things that start with S and things that are big.

The story here is clear and I hope that you caught it,
If you're going to do something silly and you haven't thought it through,
Bring your best friend, because no matter what happens, they'll be there for you.

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