Monday, May 19, 2014

Those Crochet Pigs Jumped and Leaped

Those Crochet Pigs Jumped and Leaped

Three pink puffs huddled in their den.
The pigs were coming, and they weren't friends.

They had built their fortress from twigs and sticks.
It was the best they could do with no arms or bricks.

The pigs came and the puffs shivered in fright,
While the pigs tap danced on the fortress with all their might.

"Come out puffs! We just want to play."
"Yes yes, come out and we'll have a fine day!"

The pigs taunted and laughed and giggled with glee.
And that made the puffs irate, which means very angry.

The puffs roared at the pigs "We won't come out to play.
We're calling our friend, Sir Pups to chase you away!"

"It's not nice to bully, or chase, or taunt,
You're not being nice, this isn't what we want."

The pigs became quite nervous at the puffs' brave words.
They felt shameful and slimy, like greasy black birds.

"You're right, little puffs. We aren't being nice.
We're being quite rude and we should have thought twice."

And then the two pigs set off on their own
And again the puffs were left all alone.

It was a brave thing the puffs did that day.
Not until then had someone stood up to the pigs that way.

The puffs felt brave and good deep down.
And eventually became friends with the pigs in town.

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